Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Well well well.... we're back in action over here at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal. Happy Spring and all that jazz!  For our first week back we're going to try and stump you with a riddle..... by our very own Liam Hobbes.  So test your smarts and hop on over to this week's Famous File...on the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.

The Association - Best Genealogy Blogs of 2013 - Family Tree Magazine

The Association of Graveyard Rabbits has again been selected in
the Best Genealogy Blogs by Family Tree Magazine 2013. Bless them! The category description read: "These genealogists have a special way of helping us appreciate cemeteries for the genealogical havens they are: full of names and dates, historic statuary, and spots to contemplate the lives of ancestors committed to the earth long ago."

This is how Family Tree Magazine described the Reason for the Rabbit award:
"This blog is the hopping headquarters for a network of “graveyard rabbits” (and their own associated blogs) dedicated to transcribing tombstones and documenting local cemeteries in words and pictures. As such, it gives digital ink to a variety of interesting voices while offering insight into broad trends in cemeteries of yesterday and today, as well as fascinating facts about cemeteries around the world. You even may be tempted to become a “graveyard rabbit” yourself."
Special shout-outs to Robin Simonton (Graveyard Rabbit of the Triangle, N.C.) for her exceptional job this last year. The entire running of the Association was dropped in her lap with nary an instruction or even the tools she needed to complete the task. She never complained, she just kept it going in the face of adversity. This award belongs to her. Thank you Robin and congratulations! And to Henk Van Kempen ( Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi) for presenting such a good rabbit face on Facebook. And to the Journal staff of writers - you are the best group online. And to the faithful; thank you all for still being here.

Thank you Family Tree Magazine, you've done it again! Somewhere, Terry Thornton is smiling down on us.

And if that weren't polish enough on the old granite, the following Graveyard Rabbits and their individual blogs also won in this category. Please stop by their blogs and congratulate them.
  • Digital Cemetery Walk: "Every stone has a story. And they are waiting to be told." Where else can you find a headline like “Dead Bodies by Mail”? Gale Wall shares cemetery stories as well as photos of her regular cemetery walks, backing up her belief that “Every stone has a story. And they are waiting to be told.” Kansas researchers in particular will want to check out her posts, but there’s something here for everyone who’s fascinated by final resting places.
  • Granite in My Blood: "Graveyard Rabbit" Midge Frazel blogs about family gravesites and her ancestors' stories, but her posts often have wider appeal. She freely shares lessons learned (do your research before cemetery visits) and opinions on genealogy products. One fan writes, "The blog contains beautiful photos and interesting tips and info on cemeteries, genealogy and family."

Choosing this year's Family Tree 40 was David A. Fryxell [pronounced frick-SELL] a contributing editor and columnist for Family Tree Magazine, which he founded.

 So, put your feet up. Pour a cuppa and browse through the list of winners.

The Association website overhaul has begun. Hop back by and offer your support.