Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

One can't help but wonder the lives before us when we wander through cemeteries of generations past.  Sometimes, we just use our imaginations and sometimes we are intrigued by the stories and facts that we glean from the stones and from local historians.  This week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal sheds some light (and adds to the mystery) of one Canada's mysterious cemeteries! Hop on over!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal!

As we explore, we learn.  As we learn, we appreciate. Graveyard Rabbits are especially good at looking a little deeper to learn more about what's around them. Join Gale Wall for this week's Photo Monument article about a church in her own back yard at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

First and foremost, our thoughts are with all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.  This week (Halloween as the GY Editor writes this) the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal enjoys another amazing technological advancement that can assist all of us with cemetery research. Remember, cemeteries serve as outdoor classrooms, not just in "courses" such as history and genealogy, but science and technology as well.  Boo!  Hop on over!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Article! Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Boys and girls, ladies and gents! It's time again for our Digging for Answers Column here at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal!  Have a question for our columnist about cemeteries, burial customs, monuments? You name it, Randy Seaver, knows it!  But folks, here's the secret! You must let me know you're questions so I can pass them on to him!  Hop on over to this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and learn something new. (comment here if you have a question that needs to be answered!)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Cemetery's are magical places where our past and present meet.  As we walk along the graves we are introduced to prior generations of our families, our communities, our world.  While many cemeteries are the precursor to city parks, and we think of them as community oriented, visiting a cemetery is still a very personal and private experience  Join Godric Godricson over at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal to share in his personal moments in a cemetery in this week's International Rabbit article. Hop on over!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

You the sensation, right?  When you open a new book, and you hear the crack of the spine, the soft pffft of the pages as they turn for the first time?  Then,just when it can't get any better (or so you think!), you become engrossed in the photos, the text... and you know, that this book has changed your life!  Hop on over to this week's edition of the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and read LisaMary Wichowski's review of The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses.You'll go out to buy the book and experience that joy for yourself!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Article Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Each week, we are in awe and amazement over the beautiful blogs written by our rabbits  But we're always guaranteed a great perspective (and plenty of fabulous images) when John Thomas Grant shares his perspective!  Don't miss this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and experience beauty through his eyes. Hop on over!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Article Rewind Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Well, fellow rabbits, Civil War 150 is in full swing. Across America, more than rabbits are visiting Civil War era cemeteries, as well as museums and battlefields, soaking up the history of America's bloodiest war.  For this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal Famous File, we'll re-visit an article about Civil War dead.   Be sure to branch out and learn  something new during the anniversary commemoration. Hop on over!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

NEW Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

As you wonder through historic cemeteries, don't you just love to stop an gaze at the family mausoleums? Peek in the doorway, admire the stained glass windows, stand in awe over the majestic structure?   They tell a story all their own.  This week, hop on over to the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and take a peek at Greenwood Cemetery's beautiful mausoleums.  Don't miss it! (be sure to check out last week's article, too!, I've fixed the pictures!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Article: Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

While we all want to pack our bags and head out to the nearest airport to travel far and wide, visiting historic cemeteries, we know that for most of us, its just not possible!  However, what better way to learn about distant cemeteries then by checking out the Cemetery Spotlight here at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal?  This week, hop on over and check out a fascinating Midwestern Cemetery, thanks to Joy Neighbors! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

NEW Post Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal 8/16/2012

Cemeteries bring us a sense of nostalgia, familiar yet unique. Around every corner is a monument or stone that reminds us of our past, the stories of our communities, or the familiar feeling of "home."  Join us this week at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, and we will take a peek as K. Liam Hobbes remembers back to a cemetery he visited as a youth with a beloved grandmother.  Hop on over!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

NEW article Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

We all have bucket lists. Some dream of going to far off lands or hang gliding in an exotic locale.  But for some of us,  our bucket lists include going to historic cemeteries!  Gale Wall, our Photo Monument expert, had Bellefontaine Cemetery on her bucket list, and now that she can check that off her list, we can all benefit! Hop on over to this week's edition of the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and experience the beauty of Bellefontaine.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Article! Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Technology changes in the blink of an eye!  That's why all of us here at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal are grateful for Denise Olson, our Tech T.I.P. expert and writer of this amazing column. Join us over at the GY Rabbit Online Journal to learn about how to encourage the readers of our blogs to dig deep into our archives to learn even more!  Hop on over!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Graveyar Rabbit Online Journal- Rewind!

The behavior that surrounds funeral and death is fascinating, let's just all admit it.  We are drawn into the mourning of a funeral of complete strangers, as we watch with curiosity the grieving, the dress and the pomp and circumstance.  This week, in a Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal Rewind, we revisit the article entitled Widow's Weeds, where we'll learn about the tradition of the spouse left behind.  Hop on over!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blast from the Past- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Whether you're in a memorial park or a historic cemetery, the graves of children always seem to make a rabbit stop and take pause.  We often find ourselves wondering about the little girl or boy as well the family left behind, and we are always sad about a life cut tragically short.  This week in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, we re-visit a 2010 article written by Stephanie Lincecum  about the meanings behind children's monuments.  Step softly, a dream lies buried here.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

NEW Article- Graveyardd Rabbit Online Journal

This week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal article is written by our go-to Rabbit, Randy Seaver, who answers all of our graveyard related questions!  Feel free to leave a comment here or contact the editor directly with your question to keep our columnist hopping!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Article, Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

This Rabbit Wrangler hopes that American Graveyard Rabbits indulged in hotdogs, hamburgers and fireworks to celebrate our birthday yesterday.  Some of us watched the fireworks from our local cemeteries!  But back to serious work.  While we all enjoy cemeteries, it's so important to remember the intentional planning of these historic sites. Hop on over to the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and read LisaMary Wichowski's review of Graceland Cemetery: A Design History and learn something new today!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

NEW Article Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal!

Our eyes, of course,are led to read epitaphs as we walk through cemeteries.  Their verses, either inspirational, full of warning, or descriptive about the deceased help us understand the lives of the dead.  Perhaps there are other trends as well. Hop on over to this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and learn about one theme that seems to be universal in epitaphs.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Article Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At any cemetery you wander in to, there is beauty all around you. Hop on over to this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, and learn John Thomas Grant's definition of art. Don't miss it!  To all of our rabbits attending the Association of Gravestone Studies Conference, have fun!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rabbit Rewind- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

This week we take a step into our past, not just to a different historical era, but to a different year in our Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal history.  Since we're all still sending good thoughts to our fearless leader, footnoteMaven, this Rabbit Wrangler thought we could use a bit of inspiration from her. So enjoy this Rabbit Rewind, as we learn about the historical significance of Pallbearers.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

This week's journal article delves into the fascinating local history of Bangor, Maine. The Merchant of Bangor, by Kimberly Sawtelle,  is the story of Joseph H. Marie Junin, a French fur trader who became the first European victim of domestic violence-murder in the city of Bangor. Cemeteries are fantastic repositories for local history, leading us all to be detectives to learn more and more.  Hop on over to this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and learn about the Merchant of Bangor!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Article: Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

One of the greatest things about the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, is that regardless of where you live, the rabbits take you on trips around the world. Whether you live in Sibera or San Francisco, you can hop on line to the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal and learn all about cemeteries and cultures away from your own backyard. This week is no different. Join Joy Neighbors for A Rabbit's Tale: Cemetery Spotlight in this week's edition and experience something new!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Article! Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Cemeteries, whether they hold 1 or 1000 graves, are repositories of hopes and dreams of those that have departed.  This week's International Rabbit article in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, touches upon the hopes and dreams of one unique permanent resident of the Netherlands.  Don't miss it! Hop on over!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Article Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Have you noticed that no one can tell a tale like a Graveyard Rabbit?  This week is no different...and we don't want to ruin our Rabbit's Tale by Kale Liam Hobbes, so without further ado, hop on over to this week's edition of the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Article! Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Hop on over, Rabbits, for a beautiful Photo Monument article by Gale Wall in this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.  Her photos will show you a unique monument that will sure to leave an impression on you! Don't miss it!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

With Memorial Day coming up later this month, now is a great time to learn about the customs that surround this national holiday and why they exist. So let's gear up for patriotism at it's finest with this week's Tech T.I.P. article by Denise Olson in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal. Hop on over!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hop on Over- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

While the footnoteMaven is recovering, we here at the Graveyard Rabbit felt she needed a much needed week off.  So this week we pulled a classic History Hare article  from our archives,  Learn all about Infants and Mourning Dress in this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.  As you hop on over think good thoughts for our fearless leader! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Graveyard Guru Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

As the weather warms, more and more Graveyard Rabbits enter cemeteries across the world, investigating, researching, and enjoying the scenery.  So this week, we revisit Stephanie Lincecum's article about cemetery etiquette in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.  It's a good reminder on how important good behavior is as we explore!   This week... we send a special message to our fearless leader, footnoteMaven... we're thinking of you!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Ever wander through an old cemetery and think the ground was sinking?  Wonder why that happens?  Check out this week's Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal to learn about why cemeteries require vaults.  Our Digging For Answers Columnist Randy Seaver will answer that question (and any others-- just let the editor know!) this week! Hop on over!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Many of us love a good Southern cemetery like no other.  But have any of us ever stopped to think how they originated? Join us at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal for A Rabbit's Review by LisaMary Wichowski, as she explores the book, Burying the Dead But Not the Past: Ladies' Memorial Associations and the Lost Cause.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Article, Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Have you ever thought about what you'd like your epitaph to say?  A poem, a Bible verse, just the important digits? Hop on over to the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal to read this week's Final Thoughts article, by Stephanie Lincecum, The Day is Past and Gone. 

And please keep our beloved footnoteMaven in your thoughts tonight- sending well wishes for a speedy recovery from all the Rabbits!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Article- GYR Online Journal

Everything Old is New Again!  Join John Thomas Grant over at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal for this week's article on Cemetery Art.  Learn to appreciate stones from recent times as "blasts from the past" as we revisit beautiful monuments of days long gone. Hop on over!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Article, Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Spring is in the air!  Flowers are in bloom, the sun is warm, and if you listen closely you will hear the sound of basketballs dribbling as college players across the country are participating in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Join us for this week's Famous File, in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, as we celebrate March Madness, Cemetery Style! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Article - Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Mausoleums, either community or family, often peak the curiosity of cemetery visitors.  Who's in there? Why? How? are often questions we here asked at cemeteries. This week, we'll re-visit Tess Conrad Burck's article Mausoleums- New Orleans Style in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.  Hop on over!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal Article

This week we revisit our first Cemetery Spotlight column, published almost 1 year ago today.  Let's learn from Michelle Kratts, what makes Oakwood Cemetery in Niagara Falls so unique.  Come check it out, on the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Article, Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

As soldiers are coming home from war, we are reminded that not everyone comes back.  And sometimes, in international graveyards around the world, cemeteries commemorate a life well lived, a warrior lost, or just the peaceful place where someone's son is laid to rest.  Join Julie Goucher, one of our new contributors, for this week's article, "...a Long Way From Home" in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.
Hop on over!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Resurrecting the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival

When I found out that I am not alone with my graveyard fixations, I really wanted to host this Carnival! This special group of bloggers is unique and amazing in many ways. Some of these bloggers are tapophiles (tapophilia is a fascination for and an enjoyment of cemeteries and the like), a new word in my vocabulary! Some are historians and some are genealogists. Some are photographers even! Some are all of the above.

If this is your first Graveyard or Cemetery Carnival, or better yet, your first experience with cemetery blogs, pay close attention not only to the stories but to the blog names, web addresses, and other interesting things I will try to point out when I see them.

The theme for this blog Carnival was put out there (compliments of the footnoteMaven):
“What is your favorite cemetery photograph. One where you are the photographer. Show us the photo!”
When I made the announcement I said, "we're making it easy on you." Um, some people found it not quite so easy! Read on, visit the "rides," and you will see how difficult it was for many.

Gale Wall is going to start us on our Carnival journey with her post GYR Carnival: Favorite Photo posted over at Digital Cemetery Walk saying, "My favorite photo hasn't changed since I featured it in 2009. I have updated the post for this carnival." I can certainly see why it is her favorite. Gale also helps me share our mutual passion with the subheading on her blog which reads, "Cemetery Walk: An afternoon of discovery! Every stone has a story. And they are waiting to be told." Good point, Gale!

These bloggers touch my heart in so many ways and sometimes it is the living that touches us.

Carol Stevens is helping us announce that The Rabbit is Back, Favorite Headstone that she shares with us in her Reflections from the Fence. Yes, that is the name of her blog. Carol is working on family history and you have got to love that she managed to get her husband involved, at least once, hence the reason this is marked her favorite photo. My husband thinks I am a nut case, Carol, and he hates cemeteries as much as he does hospitals, maybe more.

It is great to get your spouse involved but some even managed to take that just a little bit further.

Linda Hiser, also working on family genealogy, tells us all about The Graveyard Rabbit Returns -- Huge Stones of Scotland posted on the Flipside saying, "Wowzer tombstones of Scotland." I'll say! Linda took things a step further and got both her husband and her brother involved. This was astonishing for sure but so was the size of those stones. You could write a novel on those things! Wowzer, that is an astonishing photo!

The family participation is fun. There are other family connections as we will see as we move on.

Teresa Rogers took this fascinating photo of Two Brothers, Trees Through Eternity that she posted over on Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places. This may be a couple of the oddest tombstones that I can remember. They are beautiful but I doubt that I will ever see ones like them again.
So many aspects of these blogs catch me off guard. I am amazed by their beauty and often by their emotional impact.

Just the name of this next one was enough to pinch my emotions.

Nicole Gattinger leads us to several things with her link entitled "All of my being is now in pining..." Since I am an insufferable romantic, my being usually is. Okay, exaggeration for effect but it pinched me nonetheless. Nicole posted this on her blog, My Grave Addiction. Nicole and I share that addiction and we also share the title of aspiring author. Nicole is much closer than I and this link will tell you all about it! Can't wait to get that book on my Kindle, Nicole!

Obviously some tales ensnare us into their world! Then there are ones that take you out of this World.

Amanda Perrine shares a Tombstone Tuesday: My Favorite Cemetery Photograph. posted on her blog, Amanda's Athenaeum saying, "This photo from The Old Loyalist Burial Grounds in Saint John, New Brunswick shows stairs that look like they head straight into heaven." I am feeling that from your photo, too, Amanda. Nice shot and nice angle! The rain added a nice touch to the scene as well. Like I said, out of this World.

There are so many things to fascinate in a graveyard. There is the spiritual and then there are things you may have never even imagined.

Henk van Kampen, known to other graveyard rabbits as The Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi, shares his post, GYR Carnival: Favorite where he explains that this is, "Not a favorite photo, but a favorite series: My favorite photos are the photos of the gypsy graves in Utrecht that I shot for a GYR carnival in 2009." I am so glad we get to share these photos, Henk! Gypsies have always been a fascination for me but Hollywood probably did that. I certainly never thought I would ever see a gypsy graveyard or stones.

These photo choices are difficult, for sure, but this group is rarely at a loss for just the right words.

Carol Wilkerson is a good example as she shares just the right words in her post Graveyard Rabbit Carnival - The Whittemores of Pleasant Grove Iowa posted over at iPentimento | Genealogy and History. Carol says, "Won’t you join us as we scamper through the graveyards?" I like that and it is also a perfect description, Carol -- that's what rabbits do, they scamper.

Of course if you are a rabbit with a lot of scampering under you belt, you have a lot of information to share.

Midge Frazel writes about William Stewart over on Granite in my Blood. Midge is a professional genealogist and she has several tabs on her blog that you should all do take a peek at! William is part of her family tree! Midge has been doing this for quite some time and as she remembers her original camera she says, is "seems forever ago."

Do we feel the loss of the lives marked by these stones? Of course we do, especially when they are children.

Kale Liam Hobbes introduces us to Alberta's Angels - Favourite Cemetery Photograph that he shared over on Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns. This is one of those blogs that I wanted to draw attention to the web address: leprechaun rabbit. I really like that name. The photo does concern me. What I do wonder about is, were those two lambs twins?

Since we are paying attention to the web addresses, let's not stop there.

Jennifer shows us her favorite for the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival: Favourite Cemetery Photograph that she posted over at 'Over Thy Dead Body': The Cemetery Blog. If you will take notice of the web address you will notice that it says "stiffs and stones." I got a morbid chuckle out of that name. Jennifer comes to us from Ireland so you cannot say that these rabbits do not get around! They are quite well traveled.

They even travel across the ocean and I was amazed to find one in my own back yard!

Heather Rojo made an interesting discovery for her Favorite Cemetery Photo for the Carnival of Graveyard Rabbits. On her blog, Nutfield Genealogy, Heather shares how she found out just who in Hawaii she is related to! I would be stunned by that too, Heather. That is quite a discovery and you have quite a family history that you can find volumes of information about! O'ahu Cemetery is one of my favorites, and one of my neighbors. Even the cemetery has a great book.

Between the stories and the beautiful photos, I am quite amazed.

Amy O'Neal helps us wrap up our journey with a post she entitled Carnival posted over at her blog, Gravestoned, another great name! Amy's beautiful photos will leave us in just the right mood. It worked for me anyway. Very beautiful pictures, Amy. I like how you incorporated the cemetery features with the living parts of the planet -- the spring flowers, the snow. So peaceful!

I know I will not see snow in my pictures since I am the one across the ocean all of the time.

Evelyn, that's me, does not have as many photos as most of these long-time GYRabbits. But I do have ones I like a lot! The funny part is, that like Heather, my favorite is at O'ahu Cemetery. I still try to figure out What's in a Gravestone? posted over at Resting Reveries.

While participants had difficulty finding their favorite photos, I remain stumped over picking a favorite Carnival ride! These were all so wonderful and I cannot thank all of you enough for sharing a little bit of your graveyard scamperings (to use Carol Wilkerson's word) with all of us. I am truly grateful and oh so happy to make all of your acquaintances!

Now that we have resurrected this Carnival, hopefully we will be able to keep it above water and certainly no deeper than six feet under!

I hesitate to tell you to go to BlogCarnival until we can straighten the problems out with them. We will be sure to let you all know! Do visit the "rides" and be sure to share your thoughts with your fellow participants!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Article, Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal!

Rabbits- we have a treat for you, on this week of Valentine's Day. Nay, not a love story per se, but a fascinating article by one of our NEW  contributors, Kale Liam Hobbes.  You will be educated, entertained, and intrigued by his Rabbit's Tale, this week, in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Article- Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

A picture is worth a 1000 words, right?  Of course it is!  And what would we do without our resident photographer, Gale Wall, who shares with us the most amazing photos of monuments?  Thanks to her articles in the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, we can experience the beauty of even more cemeteries!  Hop on over!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Calling all Rabbits! Call for Submissions!

Great news!  We are resurrecting the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival and we want you all to come join us!  My name is Evelyn and I'm new to most of you but I've been awarded the wonderful task of linking all of your fascinating finds together to share with others.

You all know how much everyone loves a Carnival!  In fact, this time we're making it easy on you!  This February, 2012 edition of the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival has us asking you,
“What is your favorite cemetery photograph.  One where you are the photographer. Show us the photo!”
Seriously.  It's that simple.  The best part is, you don't really have to be a Graveyard Rabbit to join us.  Everyone is invited to the Carnival!  Got a favorite cemetery photo?  Submit your link using this submission form. Submissions for this edition are due by February 15th. Be sure to include a short description of your photo in the “remarks” section of the submission form.

If you are not familiar with blog carnivals, don't worry, we're not asking you to give us the rights to your stories or photographs or anything like that.  We're asking you to let us share your blog with everyone else.  You provide the link and we send you visitors. It's a win win situation where bloggers both share and discover other bloggers they would have never found otherwise.  Trust me, it's the coolest thing ever!

Just in case you have trouble with the form at, go ahead and send your information to me at  Send the link to your submission, include your name and a description and/or comments about the link you are sharing.