Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"I wish there could be emails to Heaven"

I received an email this weekend from Dorene Paul, The Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay, that touched my heart. It concerned our founder, Terry Thornton. Read the excerpt from her email and visit her blogpost. I too wish there were emails to Heaven; if Heaven can get access to the internet I'm sure Terry has figured out how to accomplish it!
Dorene's Email:
Today at the Sandusky Library, I was working on a future blog post for the Sandusky History site, and I came across a "FIND."
I just know that Terry would have gotten such a kick out of that find.... we both appreciated that though the Civil War had "sides," we both knew of folks we loved and appreciated from both the North and the South.
I couldn't think of anyone else to share this with.....and I know that you knew Terry well....so I shared my find with you! How I wish there could be emails to Heaven!
Thank you Dorene for sharing this with me, and for allowing me to share with all the Rabbits.

Dorene's Blogpost A Great Find! & A Great Read:

"I wish there could be emails to Heaven, so I could share this information with my former blog mentor, Terry Thornton. So, if this message does find its way to Heaven, Terry, thanks for all your encouragement in my early blogging days. . ."

I have not elaborated on the "Find!" so as not to spoil Dorene's Post! -fM


Dorene from Ohio said...

I am sure that there are plenty of Graveyard Rabbits who miss Terry as much as I do. He was a wonderful, wise mentor!

Greta Koehl said...

Oh, Dorene and fM - I have saved all of Terry's old e-mails to me - he was one of those who very early on gave me so much encouragement. I never, ever thought of myself as a writer before that. I hope he knows how much he changed so many people's lives.

Cheryle Hoover Davis said...

Like Greta, I've saved all the old emails from Terry. He was the only reason I found encouragement to write. Bless him. I wish there could be emails to Heaven, also. I miss him.