Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Wedding In A Cemetery. Can You Help?

Today, the Association received the following request for assistance. Now if anyone can help, I'm sure it's a Graveyard Rabbit.

From: Aundrea

"I came across your website today and I must say I never knew there was an association for people who are keenly interested in the academic promotion of cemetery knowledge and history. I think its quite fascinating. . .I am working on a new documentary series called "I'm Getting Married" for the Lifetime Television Network.

We are looking for couples with unique or non-traditional plans to wed and we are really focusing on those who are planning to have their weddings in cemeteries. Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!"


OK, GYRabbits, it's up to you. -fM


Gale Wall said...

I believe our very own Tammi was married in a cemetery. I'll check with her.

Tammi Thiele said...

Yes, I did get married in a cemetery two years ago. Do you think she still wants to hear from me since she is asking for couples who "have plans" ...

Anonymous said...

I was married April 1st 2011 in the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah GA! It was a blast! If I can be of any help to anyone planning a cemetery wedding, please let me know!