Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Article on the GYR Online Journal

This week in our Rabbit's Tale column Tammi shares with us her "gravin gadget". Hop on over to the GYR Online Journal and read her article.

As we prepare to enter 2011 we have 50 of our 52 weekly columns filled. We have two open slots and both are on Mausoleums or Columbariums in June and September of next year. If you would like to commit to write an article for one please email your editor at

A big thank you to our authors for 2011:

Angela Lucius
Anna Wilder
Denise Olson
Dorene Paul
Gale Wall
Henk van Kampen
Janet Iles
Janice Hays
John Grant
Kim Sawtelle
Kim Zunino
Linda Hagen
LisaMary Wichowski
Michelle Kratts
Randy Seaver
Russ Worthington
Ruth Burks
Stephanie Lincecum
Tammi Thiele
Tess Conrad

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