Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween CARD for The Rabbits

At midnight in the museum hall

The fossils gathered for a ball
There were no drums or saxophones,
But just the clatter of their bones. . .

Amid the mastodontic wassail
I caught the eye of one small fossil.
"Cheer up, sad world," he said, and winked ~
"It's kind of fun to be extinct."

~ Ogden Nash ~

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Cellar Door said...

Your Shadowfest link: What a delightful way to begin this Halloween day --or any day, for that matter!

May all good things come to you today, especially chocolate!

Cellar Door

Dorene from Ohio said...

Adorable pick-me-up on a busy
Halloween afternoon!! Thanks!

footnoteMaven said...

Thank you both for stopping by on a busy Halloween.

And Cellar - There's always chocolate when I have a case of Voracious Ravenousitis. Even if it is more common in Warlocks.


Gale Wall said...

What a wonderful TREAT! Thanks, FM.