Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Articles Needed for the GYR Online Journal

I hope this finds everyone keeping cool from this heat! We still have open dates for several columns for our GYR Online Journal. Please help me fill them this month! And, yes, you can have more than one slot.

We each have our own writing style so I invite you to look over previous articles and see how easy it would be for you to contribute in 2011.

• The Rabbit’s Tale - A little of this, a little of that
5/16, 8/15, 11/14

• The International Rabbit - Rabbits 'round the world
2/21, 8/22, 11/21

• Cemetery Spotlight - Your favorite cemetery featured
5/30, 11/28

• Mausoleums or Columbariums - A look inside or out
6/6, 9/5, 12/5

• Final Word - Epitaphs to share
3/28, 6/27, 9/26, 12/26

Please don't hesitate to ask me questions.
Once I fill the empty slots I will send everyone a PDF copy of the schedule along with a few other details.
Gale Wall
Every stone has a story. And they are waiting to be told.

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