Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Article on the GYR Online Journal

This week in our Rabbit's Tale column Tammi Thiele, of Escape to the Silent Cities, shares with us about the folklore associated with Lilacs.

"The lilac plant is one of many beautiful plants that has been given a bad reputation because of its original uses during the Victorian era and the many beliefs held about it."

Hop on over to the GYR Online Journal to read the entire article.

Note from your Editor:
I am working on the 2011 schedule for the GYR Online Journal and will be seeking authors for our new columns. If you have an interest in providing an article for the following columns, please contact me at Each column will run 4 times in 2011. I have specific dates if you are interested in that information.
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  • The International Rabbit - Our cemeteries abroad
  • Cemetery Spotlight - Your favorite cemetery featured
  • Mausoleums or Columbariums - A look inside or out
  • Famous File - Local or national
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  • [title pending] Publications & Websites Reviewed [formerly The Educated Rabbit]

 Hoppy Summer!

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