Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Article on the GYR Online Journal

Welcome to the Digging for Answers column on the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.

This column will depend on your submission of questions about cemeteries, gravestones, burial practices, and other topics that concern a Graveyard Rabbit (other than where his next carrot is coming from!). So please send some questions to the editor, who will pass them along and keep the columnist hopping.
This week Randy tackles this question:
"I know in that in Europe they have an entirely different approach to burying the dead in cemeteries. Essentially, they "rent" out burial plots rather than allowing families to actually buy and own one. So how long does a typical rental period last? What are typical rental fees for a grave? If the rental fee goes unpaid, what happens to the remains of the person buried in the grave? Is there another re-burying ceremony or some such thing? They have much more elaborate gravestones in Europe. So what happens to the gravestone if the grave rental fee goes unpaid and the persons remains are removed to somewhere else?"
Hop on over to the GYR Online Journal to read his answer.

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