Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet Joe Whitfield, Author of "Hoosiergrave"

The sixty second in a series
featuring a member of
The Graveyard Rabbit Association


I started visiting cemeteries a few years back while working on some genealogy, Any time I would find a relatives grave, I would take a picture. With both sides of the family being scattered over Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, I've done a bit of traveling. I also am a member of Genealogical Act of Kindness group and take pictures in my area of tombstones for people who cannot travel here. While doing this I began to notice the various carvings on the stones. I was curious what the meanings of the various carvings were so it just rather evolved from that. I have also found cemeteries to be very peaceful for the most part and very interesting historically. I was also influenced many years ago by a couple of books from the Indiana Historical Society about tombstones and their carvers in southern Indiana. I have found only one or two cemeteries that there seems to be something not quite right, (I also do paranormal research) even at night most are nice places to be.
The kids, now that they are grown and gone just shake their heads, as if to say "Dads losing it". My wife joins in sometimes. Since we like to travel back roads when we go places, she will spot a small cemetery and we stop and see what is there, and I hope that we have remembered the camera. She really likes it when the spring wild flowers are in bloom and spends her time looking at those while I roam the cemetery.
I ran across the group while looking for information on tombstones. A friend and I are working on a book of tombstone carvings in Ohio County (Indiana) for the historical society. When I saw the group and started reading, my thoughts ran to “Gee, I guess I’m not the only one”. I enjoyed the site and enjoy what I have learned.

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