Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meet Jo Arnspiger, Author of "Dust To Dust GYRabbit"

The fifty first in a series
featuring a member of
The Graveyard Rabbit Association

My interest in cemeteries is relatively new, although I have been involved in genealogy for the past 35 years. My ancestors are all in the east or the Midwest while I have lived on the west coast and in Arizona for the last 50 plus years. The opportunities to visit my family’s burying places have been few.

My love of the West and cowboys, ranching and anything to do with horses is a lifelong love. More like a “wish I could” dream since I’ve never experienced the real west with horses and ranches but sometimes I think I lived a previous life as cowgirl growing up in the old west. It seems to be a part of me, a part of a dream I have lived before.

Now in this life, I have the chance to relive that life by finding and telling the stories of the “pioneers” of north central Arizona. By finding the markers of the dead, I hope to share their stories with the living. The history of the Prescott area is rich with unforgettable characters who have somehow been forgotten. I hope with this blog, to discover and record the lives of the old timers I find in both the surveyed and the forgotten cemeteries here in Yavapai county, Arizona.

Jessamine County, Kentucky where we found my husband's 4th great grandfather - Paul Ernspiger

This new interest in graveyards has renewed my interest in my own family burying places also. The membership in the Association of Graveyard Rabbits has inspired me to look harder for those elusive gravestones and to share the information once I have found it. Also to explore the previously unknown network of graveyard rabbit researchers who seem all to happy to look for and photograph gravestones in their local cemeteries for others

My surnames and areas of personal family research are: Favourite – Frederick co, Maryland, 1780-1850; Wise, Dunn, and Douglass – Page and Wapello counties, Iowa respectively, 1870-1950; Archer, Smith, Tilton – Tishomingo county, Mississippi, 1830-1950; Pratt, Flagg, Adams – Massachusetts, 1630-1830; Peck – Connecticut, 1630-1860; Bolender and Loranz – Pennsylvania and Ohio, 1775-1900; Arnspiger/Ernspiger – Jessamine county and Fayette county, Kentucky, 1780-1950.

Thanks for reading about me and I hope you enjoy my blog,
Dust To Dust GY Rabbit. Thanks to the Association of Graveyard Rabbits for the opportunity to introduce myself to their readers.
Happy cemetery wandering,
Jo Arnspiger

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