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Graveyard Rabbit Carnival – March 2010 Edition

GYRBadge%5B1%5D%5B4%5D[2] Welcome to the March 2010 edition of Graveyard Rabbits Carnival.  The topic for this edition is Forgotten Cemeteries.  This topic was submitted by  Tina Michael Ruse, who authors the blog Campo Santo-holy ground, The Graveyard Rabbit of Alta California.

For this edition, bloggers were to submit articles about forgotten cemeteries.  I’m happy to say that we have 20 submissions this month.  Be sure to read each of the articles, as they each offer various viewpoints and information on forgotten cemeteries.

Dorene Paul presents Edward J. and Lydia Lockwood posted at Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay, saying, "The Lockwood Cemetery located inside the campground of East Harbor State Park on Lake Erie is not totally forgotten, but it surely is off the beaten path!"

Joe Dallmann (Deez) presents St. Catherine of Siena Cemetery Martinez, CA posted at Cemetery Explorers, saying, "Hoping to bring some attention to this matter."

Tim Abbott presents Lost and Found Burial Ground of My Williman Ancestors and "The White House" / Williman Cemetery: The Plot Thickens posted at Walking the Berkshires.

Robert Baca presents Camposanto Viejo in Lemitar, New Mexico posted at Socorro and the Beyond Graveyard Rabbit, saying, "The Camposanto Viejo (or "old cemetery" in Spanish) is a hidden, almost unknown cemetery in Lemitar, New Mexico. It is estimated that around 170 people are buried there, but only a few markers remain."

Lee Drew presents Little Ones Lost posted at FamHist, saying, "Wrote the post a while ago, but it is still the 'nearest and dearest' lost cemetery in my burial ground list."

Robin Inge presents Beaver Creek Cemetery, Wichita County, TX posted at Graveyard Rabbit of Wichita County, Texas, saying, "I actually had visited this cemetery earlier last year. Once you see the photos you can quickly see that this is a very forgotten cemetery. It is said that many do not visit here because of the rattlesnakes that make their home near the markers. I visited during the cold weather, so no worries. However, I was still on guard."

Midge Frazel presents Forgotten Cemeteries posted at Granite in My Blood, saying, "My 3rd great-grandparents rest in a cemetery that is small and often overgrown. The land it rests on belongs to a new owner. Will it become inaccessible in the future?"

Alice Dilts presents Graveyard Rabbit - Forgotten Cemetery - 02/09/10 posted at My Genealogy Research, saying, "The Forgotten Cemetery I posted about is Purvis Cemetery located in Moultrie County, Illinois."

Matt Hucke presents Forgotten Cemeteries posted at Graveyards of Illinois, saying, "Forgotten Cemeteries of Illinois - and a few that are now restored and cared for."

John Frank presents Cemetery Removed to Make Way for Airport posted at Ancestry Chronicles, saying, "My blog post is about a cemetery that may soon be forgotten - St. Johannes, which is slated to be dug up to make room for runways at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. The city of Chicago has agreed to pay relative to move their loved ones, but what about those graves that the city cannot find living relatives for?"   Editor’s Note:  This is something I have been following as well.  After John posted his article, there was some news the same day about a court order to stop the removal of graves.

Jo Arnspiger presents Our Forgotten Cemetery posted at Dust to Dust GYRabbitt, saying, "I am just starting my Graveyard Blog site. The others I have read have inspired me to help chronicle both my own cemetery experiences and also my local area cemeteries."

Ruth Haley presents Deerman Cemetery posted at Genealogy is Ruthless without Me, saying, "That BAGGETT surname as a maiden name for a grave was a big clue for me in researching my Dearman lineage. It is sometimes the little things that excites the graveyard sleuth."

Rurh Coker Burks presents I Am Stunned! posted at Last2cu, saying, "This is the story that took over the story that I WAS writing for the Forgotten Cemetery issue of The Graveyard Rabbit! When all of the dust settles I will post the Historical Story about how this cemetery, Meux Cemetery, was left to never be heard of again, until Mary Etta (Mollie) Gardner Clay's tomb popped up from the lake bed and came to rest on the shore of the lake that runs through my soul...Meux Cemetery will no longer keep it's secret..."

Nicole LaRue presents Graveyard Rabbits Carnival, 12th Edition: Forgotten Cemeteries posted at Blog of a Genealogist in Training, saying, "Hillgrove Cemetery, Darke County, OH"

Lorine McGinnis Schulze presents Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: Neglect of Farnham Cemetery posted at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog, saying, "The neglect of Farnham Cemetery in Ontario is disgraceful! Hopefully a group can be formed to take action and repair the broken tombstones and clean the cemetery up"

Tina Micheal Ruse presents Forgotten Cemetery posted at Campo Santo-holy ground, saying, "The Pioneer cemetery in Nevada City, California is home to mostly forgotten gold rush citizens.  Few visitors come to see the unmarked graves of some of California's early settlers under the dark pine trees."

Stephanie Lincecum presents The Forgotten Ones posted at Southern Graves, saying, "I found this cemetery in a town in middle Georgia of which I never knew existed. There seem to be no caretakers other than a couple of cute puppies."

Tami K. Pelling shares Gracing God's Acres - Restoration Blog, a blog dedicated to the restoration of Paris Cemetery in Michigan Township, Clinton County, Indiana. She says, "The restoration of Paris Cemetery was made possible by the generous donations of descendants of those buried in the cemetery and the surrounding community. The restoration began in April 2009 and ended on October 30 with the installation of the Paris Cemetery Heritage Sign and picnic in the cemetery. Note: I am still uploading photographs to the website."

Although not an article, Stuart Schneider submitted a photograph of Franklin NJ Cemetery, Abandoned and Forgotten.

That concludes this edition.  Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.  Be sure to join us for the next edition!

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Robin said...

There are alot of forgotten places. If not for the efforts of GYR all around, these places would disappear without ever knowing anything about those who have graced our past.