Monday, February 1, 2010

Graveyard Rabbit Carnival – February 2010 Edition

GYRBadge[1] Welcome to the February 2010 edition of Graveyard Rabbits Carnival.  The topic for this edition is Cemetery Critters.  This theme was submitted by Diane Wright, who authors three GYR blogs:  The Kansas Rabbit, The Wright Graveyard Stew, and The Grave Yard Rabbit Travels Wright.

Bloggers were asked to post photographs of critters they’ve caught in the cemetery.  There is a wide variety of critters presented by the 14 authors who participated this month; everything from birds to squirrels, even cattle!

So grab that favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy the show!

M. Diane Rogers presents Graveyard Critters – The Graveyard Rabbit Carnival posted at The Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia, Canada, saying, "Some critters in cemeteries are memorable or beautiful, some are very common, a few (like bears and snakes) are to be avoided, and some are just plain surprising.”

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault presents Symbols On Catholic Cemetery Headstones: The Dove posted at A Canadian Family, saying, "Finding peace, redemption and purity in my Catholic cemeteries."

Rurh Coker Burks presents Cemetery Critters posted at Last2cu.

Dorene Paul presents Graveyard Squirrel in Oakland Cemetery posted at Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay, saying, "While visiting Oakland Cemetery doing "Graveyard Rabbit" research, I came across this frisky graveyard squirrel."

Linda Hughes Hiser presents Graveyard Rabbits Carnival--Cemetery Critters posted at Flipside, saying, "Cemetery critters and wandering dog and a stone bird."

Robin Inge presents Christmas Morning..... posted at Graveyard Rabbit of Wichita County, Texas, saying, "I have to say, this was probably the funniest scene I had ever seen. I'm use to seeing deer and rabbits around the cemetaries because of where I live and really cattle and livestock is not uncommon to see out running loose here either. However, not near a cemetery and this particular group had walked about a mile to get to some grass...this happened to be during our Christmas Blizzard."

Melissa Burney presents Searching for Long Lost Relatives: Old Bethel Cemetery posted at Journey Through the Past Beauty of Cemeteries, saying, "I stumbled across this snake while walking Old Bethel in Kentucky."

Midge Frazel presents Eagle posted at Granite in My Blood, saying, "Although not a "real" critter, I find this soaring eagle on a plaque on a rock in a cemetery to be meaningful for all us Graveyard Rabbits."

Diane Wright presents Critters at the Cemetery posted at The Grave Yard Rabbit Travels Wright.

Gale Wall presents GYR Carnival - Cemetery Critters posted at Digital Cemetery Walk, saying, "My first post of a cemetery critter was in July 2009. It was, of course, a graveyard rabbit! I often encounter critters on my cemetery walks. Be sure to click on my "critters" label to see the other posts."

Matthew Kear presents Tolomato Cemetery posted at Facebook Events, saying, "This remarkable place is Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine, Florida. The Mickler obelisk was the favored perch for this bird that liked to watch me work in the mornings, when I was completing an inventory of the site for my thesis back in 2007."

Stephanie Lincecum presents Reviving an Old Post about Cemetery Critters (GYRabbit Carnival) posted at Southern Graves, saying, "I've seen dogs, cats, foxes, squirrels, and insects galore during my cemetery trips. Wild turkeys, though? That was a first for me."

Amy Crow presents The Graveyard Rabbit in Etna Cemetery posted at Graveyard Rabbit of Central Ohio, saying, "I think the title says it all: "The Graveyard Rabbit in Etna Cemetery" :-)"

Julie Cahill Tarr presents Cute Critters in the Cemetery posted at Cemeteries of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, saying, “I’ve found some critters in cemeteries during my adventures.  Most often, the little buggers are to quick for me and I miss them (or get a really blurry shot).  But here are the few I’ve managed to get, and fortunately, some of them sat still!”

That concludes this edition. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.  Be sure to join us for the next edition!

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Looks like the Rabbits have some competition here with this list of critters visiting.