Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Article Available in the GYR Online Journal


This week, Denise Olson shares some strategies for cemetery inventories in her column Tech T.I.P.  Denise also explains how to use Find A Grave’s Excel template to upload batches of records.

I recently rediscovered several cemetery inventories that were part of the papers in my aunt's estate. She and her sister had been involved with their local historical society and had participated in a county-wide project to inventory the county's cemeteries. The inventory documents I have are probably 25-30 years old. They are typewritten on onion skin paper—legal size at that. There's also a hand-drawn cemetery map (also in legal size) included with the inventory. There are only four cemeteries included in this package of documents, probably because each appears to have some family members buried in them. I also have several headstone photos from the cemetery where the most of our family are buried. This can only mean one thing…Find A Grave!

Be sure to read the entire article at the Graveyard Rabbits Online Journal.

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