Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Call For Submissions – GYR Carnival January 2010 Edition


Wow.  It’s hard to believe 2009 is drawing to a close.  With the dawn of a new year, we’re changing things up a bit for the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival.  Instead of our lovely carnival hostess deciding the topics each month, we’re enlisting the help of the GYR members to contribute ideas for upcoming themes.  So if you have an idea for a carnival topic, please email Julie Cahill Tarr.

Our first member-submitted idea, for the January 2010 edition, is The Final Resting Place.  This theme comes from Colleen McHugh, author of the GYR blog, The R.I.P.PERS.  Colleen wants us to investigate how families determine their final resting place.  She goes on to say:

In today's mobile society, does one choose a place near where they last lived? Or do they return to the place of their roots? Do they rest in a family plot? If so, and if married, whose family plot? How has the determination of the final resting place changed between the time of our ancestors and now?

Colleen poses some excellent questions, which I’m sure will get a lot of varied responses for this carnival edition. 

As always, write a blog post that address this edition’s theme and submit it to the carnival using the submission form.  Submissions for this edition are due by December 25.  Be sure to include a short description of your post in the “remarks” section of the submission form.

Upcoming Topics

  • February 2010 – Cemetery Critters
    (idea submitted by Diane Wright)
  • March 2010 – Forgotten Cemeteries
    (idea submitted by Tina Micheal Ruse)
  • April 2010 – Anonymous Graves
    (idea submitted by Henk van Kampen)
  • May 2010 – Cause of Death
    (idea submitted by Matt Hucke)
  • June 2010 – The Interesting, The Odd, The Beautiful
    (idea submitted by Gale Wall)
  • July 2010 – Scavenger Hunt
    (idea submitted by Julie Cahill Tarr)
  • August 2010 – Favorite Season
    (idea submitted by Henk van Kampen)

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