Monday, October 19, 2009

Funerary Objects: Preserving Death

A very interesting VodCast from the Minnesota Historical Society's Collections Upclose Podcast and Blog. They get into the Halloween spirit with a vodcast on death-related objects in the Society's collection. Curator Matt Anderson provides an overview of changing funeral customs, and then shares a look at a casket, a hearse, tombstones, and more.

There are some wonderful old photos included in this look at funerary. A look only a Graveyard Rabbit could love!

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Stephen Mills said...

Wow, excellent video presentation, thanks so much for posting this. The part about enbalmers coming to the home in the pre-funeral home days reminded me of an old superstition I've heard for years here in Texas. People believed that if the enbalmer inadvertently left behind any of the tools or apparatus of his trade, another death would occur soon within that household. I imagine that people kept a close eye on what the enbalmer came in with, and what he left with. Thanks again for posting a fascinating piece. Stephen