Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Article Available in the GYR Online Journal

Randy Seaver answers the question “What is the job of a Sexton at the Cemetery” in his Digging for Answers column.

I've always wondered about this myself.  My own experiences visiting large and active San Diego area cemeteries is that there is a cemetery staff headed by a manager or director that reports to a government board or to a company board of directors.  I'm not sure that they even have a person with the job title "sexton."

On the other hand, I've visited several cemeteries in rural Massachusetts that had no office or maintenance building on the grounds and there was no person available to answer questions or help people searching for specific gravesites.  In other places, I've found an office in a maintenance building that had a card file of the residents of the cemetery, with a person who was very helpful in providing directions to the gravesite, and apparently supervised a small staff of gardeners and gravediggers.

Read Randy’s answer at the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.

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