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Graveyard Rabbits Carnival – July 2009

Welcome to the July 2009 edition of graveyard rabbits carnival. What a great edition we have this month! First, I want to thank the 15 authors who took the challenge and submitted such wonderful posts.

The topic for this edition is Obituaries. Participants were asked to find a gravestone and then find the obituary, or vice versa. There are 16 great posts that share not only wonderful gravestone photos, but a glimpse into the person’s life through their obituary. Some will make you smile and some will make you shed a tear, so grab a piece of Kleenex before you start reading.

Randy Seaver presents David Auble (1817-1894) - Gravestone and Obituary posted at Genea-Musings, saying, "David Auble (1817-1894) lies in a Terre Hauite cemetery resting under a nice stone, and his obituary identifies his living relatives and where they lived. Cool!"

Dorene Paul presents Harry Milner Steen posted at Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay, saying, "The newspaper obituary, and the ‘card of thanks’ from the Steen and Milner families, give insight into what a special little boy Harry Milner Steen was to his family, and how much they dearly loved him."

Joshua Inayat presents July 09 GYR Challenge: Find a Marker & The Obit posted at Cemetery Seeker. Joshua shares with us the tombstone and obituary for James Terwilliger of Portland, Oregon.

Midge Frazel presents George O. MINER Obituary posted at Granite in My Blood, saying, "Farmer and businessman, George O. Miner, was married to my great-grandaunt, 117 years ago today! I photographed their gravestones in 2004 but didn't receive this obituary until 2007. It is another piece of confirming evidence in this interesting ancestral line."

Jean Duncan presents Tombstone Tuesday: Stella and Bill Buzzell posted at Forget Me Knots: My Ancestors and My Ghosts, saying, "Enjoyed doing this, even though I'm not an official Graveyard Rabbit (but I would like to be one)." Editior’s Note: No need to be a GYR to submit to the Carnival, but Jean, we’d love to have you!

Sue Fitzpatrick presents Charlotte Cunningham Finkel (1912-1996) posted at Madronia Cemetery Graveyard Rabbit, saying, "Here's an older entry - but will be on the lookout for more obits."

Amy Crooks presents Tombstone Tuesday - Greiff Couple posted at Untangled Family Roots, saying, "I chose to find the obituary of a couple buried at the Wild Rose Cemetery. Though I was never able to find his, I did find hers. Their family still lives on the family farm and has created a museum in their honor out of one of the big red barns on the property."

Diane Wright presents Annie. E. Wright for July Carnival posted at The Grave Yard Rabbit Travels Wright.

Henk van Kampen presents An obituary posted at Roots, saying, "An obituary of Theo Pardoen by the NCGOV, the protestant association of the Dutch temperance movement."

Stephanie Lincecum presents Champion Pig Club Member is Dead posted at Southern Graves, saying, "William Wesley Middlebrooks, Champion Pig Club Member, dead at the age of 14."

Lisa Burks presents Mortician, Bury Thyself posted at Adventures in Grave Hunting by Lisa Burks, saying, "While researching the history of Grand View Memorial Park in Glendale, California, for an upcoming local history book about the cemetery, I discovered that a majority of the local mortuary founders were buried or interred there. My entry is a short blog post about William W. Crippen. I discovered his crypt first, then looked up his obituary."

Linda Hughes Hiser presents Graveyard Rabbits Carnival--Alpheus Frum posted at Flipside, saying, "Alpheus Frum lived, died, and is buried on family land outside Morgantown, West Virginia."

Linda Stienstra presents Headstone>Obituary>Obituary>No Headstone posted at Lancaster Pennsylvania's Graveyard Rabbit, saying, "One headstone led to one obituary, which led to another obituary, which led to the spot where a headstone should be. Hartman to Hartman, 200 feet apart! Were they related? Not that I could figure out! Read the story…."

Judith Richards Shubert presents JOHN KENDRICK CONVERSE – Necrological Report posted at Cemeteries of the Covered Bridges, saying, "Visiting Burlington, Vermont, in 2001, I found this beautiful monument to the Rev. John Kendrick Converse in the Lakeview Cemetery. His obituary is included with others in this Necrology Report from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1881."

Julie Cahill Tarr presents two submissions, one for each of her GYR blogs. The first, Hester Vernon BROWN Fell (1819-1906) posted at Cemeteries of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois looks at the life of Hester Fell, wife of Normal pioneer, Jess W. Fell. The second submission, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) posted at Chicagoland Cemeteries talks about the death of Lincoln and the funeral train that passed through Chicago on the way to its final destination of Springfield, Illinois.

That concludes this edition. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. Be sure to join us for our next edition, where the topic will be Favorite Photo.

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