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Meet: Stephanie Lincecum, "Southern Graves"

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Stephanie Lincecum

Way back when, I don’t rightly remember the exact date, my grandfather became interested in the Lincecum name and our genealogy. He often reported his findings and shared things he learned with me, but I was only mildly interested.

It was 1997 when I first arrived on the World Wide Web and was bitten by the genealogy bug. I was using America Online back then and often visited the forums. “Dear Myrtle” was there, and I somehow learned about I was also able to research more about my “famous” ancestor, Gideon Lincecum, that my grandfather had told me about. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Around that same time, I became interested in learning HTML and building websites. Not quite sure how that happened, but it did.

Since I’ve always been interested in History in general (wish I knew that when I was in school), I thought it was a neat idea to host a county website for the American History & Genealogy Project and later, USGenWeb. Building websites was fun and posting history for genealogy and preservation purposes was a discovered passion I continued to explore.

Along with all that came surveying cemeteries and posting them online for the county researchers. That, my friends, became my most favorite thing to do. I, armed with my digital camera, became obsessed with getting tombstone images online. Several places provided transcriptions, but I wanted visitors to be able to truly “visit” the cemetery. The stories I found, the art I saw, and the most often peacefulness of the cemetery became something I craved.

I crave cemeteries so much they have become my narrowed focus and passion. I have visited many, many cemeteries. Most have been in my home state of Georgia, since my “real job” takes up most of my time and keeps me pretty stationary. I do manage to fit cemetery visits into my travels, though. I’ve photographed cemeteries in Maryland, South Carolina, and Tennessee, as well as Georgia.

As a result, I decided to narrow my web presence to . This is where I am trying to corral all my cemetery information, transcriptions, and uploaded photos. It’s not all there, yet. A work in progress, for sure.

Blogging is something very new to me. I started it because I thought it was much easier to keep updated, and it was a place I could post about individual grave sites when I was unable to get the whole cemetery online, or if someone else had already transcribed it. When I heard about the Graveyard Rabbits, I jumped (hopped) at the chance to join. I have since started a family genealogy blog, Lincecum Lineage. Very early in the game on that one. I have yet to find my style. I’m sure it will continue to grow, though.

Some time ago I discovered FindAGrave, as well. I have since “rediscovered” it, and am now a much more active member.

Another new venture of mine has to do with video. I have started trying to take good videos of entire family plots. This might help visitors get a better idea of relationships within the families they are researching. That is my intention, at least. The key phrase above is “good videos.” I’m still practicing.

So! That’s a bit of the backstory about me and my Southern Graves site and blog. I recently started another blog about my favorite local cemetery, Rose Hill. I hope everyone will stop by for a visit. I strive to become a better writer, as well as accurately and enthusiastically convey my passion for cemeteries and their preservation. Hopefully, many will enjoy reading the information posted, and maybe even learn something from time to time.

Stephanie Lincecum
Graveyard Rabbit

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