Saturday, May 16, 2009

Meet: Cheryle Hoover Davis - The Author of 3 Graveyard Rabbit Blogs

The thirty first in a series
featuring a member of
The Graveyard Rabbit Association


My mother was a “graveyard rabbit”, as was her mother, and I will pass the bunny-genes on (whether my kids like it or not!)

Powers/Warren Cemetery, Runnells, Iowa Area: Where my mother would take me, and where she is buried among her ancestors.

From the time I could walk, my mother would take me along with her to our family cemetery, reciting names, places and anecdotes about our family members there. At the time I thought 'oh how boring' and just went along to placate my mother.

Little did I know, there's something about cemeteries that's addictive! Now I maintain genealogy blogs as a GY Rabbit and am also a member of Find-a-Grave, scrambling around local cemeteries with my digital camera, paper and pen! “Bona Fide Nut” is what my kids call me!

My GY Rabbit blogs are The Graveyard Rabbit of Northern Arizona, The GY Rabbit of the Runnells Iowa Area, and The GY Rabbit of the Hoover Clan.

I decided to do the blog on Northern Arizona, as there are a few very old cemeteries here in my area that I felt needed someone to help tell their stories. There are graves of cowboys, pioneers, ranchers, and the Chinese pioneers who came here long ago. Also, a memorial to those who perished in the TWA crash in the '50s at the Grand Canyon.

The Runnells Iowa Area blog was intended to document my maternal line ancestors at the cemeteries of this area, and to make sure the people buried in these small cemeteries are not forgotten. One day, I will make a trip back there to clean, pull weeds, and say hello to my mother, who is buried there. She wanted to be buried among her ancestors, and everyone in Powers/Warren cemetery is related.

As far as the GY Rabbit of the Hoover Clan, my goal is to document my paternal line. These Hoovers, to our knowledge, are not related to President Hoover. They all come from Rockingham County, Virginia (from the Rhineland, then to Pennsylvania, on to Virginia).

I have been researching both my maternal and paternal lines for quite a few years, and recently, with the help of quite a few cousins, we have made a breakthrough on our Hoover family. Thanks to DNA testing, we have been able to prove a suspected connection and are busily researching this new discovery now. DNA testing has proven a boon to genealogy research!

The Association Of Graveyard Rabbits, to me, is a wonderful resource of, not only the vast knowledge provided by like-minded people, but the opportunity to network on the Facebook group and the GY Rabbit site itself. Maintaining the history of cemeteries and promoting their upkeep, GY Rabbits provide an important part of the preservation and important history of cemeteries worldwide.

Genealogy had to take somewhat of a back burner during my career as a professional artist, DJ, and program director of a radio station, but now I am free to delve in and enjoy. I currently still have a part-time job, as a virtual assistant, and also have a business sewing Renaissance/Medieval style clothing, including my 'specialty' hats (such as muffin hats). I've recently put up a page for my business on Facebook, along with my regular FB profile, and intend on getting my Flagstaff Ren Wear website finished soon.

Unfortunately, this means I haven't kept up with my genealogy blogs like I should, but I will have plenty of spare time after the Renaissance Faire I will be vending at over the Fourth of July weekend.

I have completely enjoyed my association with the Graveyard Rabbits, and am honored to have met so many dedicated, wonderful members!

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Sheri Fenley said...

Thanks for being such an active Rabbit Cheryle. Your dedication to the Rabbits does not go unnoticed and I for one am thankful!