Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Graveyard Rabbits Carnival - April 2009

Welcome to the April 2009 edition of Graveyard Rabbits Carnival. The topic for this edition is burial customs. There are seven wonderful articles to explore, so grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy.

Linda Hughes Hiser presents Graveyard Rabbits Carnival--THE PARTING SHOT posted at Flipside. Linda shares "a brief tale of a funereal procession to a watery grave on the links."

footnoteMaven presents Superstitions and Portents of Death posted at The History Hare. footnoteMaven explores an array of superstitions and omens related to death.

Midge Frazel presents Laid to Rest posted at Granite in My Blood. Midge shares an obituary for Eliza Fish Denison, who was laid out for viewing at her son's home. She says, "'That's an obituary!' said my mother-in-law when it was read to her. She missed the good old days of bodies on display at home!"

Jennifer Dyer presents two articles, one related to burial customs in New Orleans, and one discussing funerals. New Orleans’ Cemetery and Burial Customs: How and Why the Dead are Buried in “Cities” is posted at her webstie New Orleans Ancestry. The 'Fun' in Funeral is posted at her blog Cities of the Dead.

Jonathan Smith presents Theory: Upland South Folk Cemetery posted at Cemetery Space. Jonathan says, "in this post I give a short description of the Upland South Folk Cemetery complex. This collection of burial customs characterizes cemeteries throughout the southeastern United States and serves as a tool to date cemeteries and find out more about the community that used and created them."

Julie Cahill Tarr presents Burial/Funeral Custom Tidbits posted at The Chicagoland Graveyard Rabbit. Julie discusses a handful of interesting tidbits related to burials and funerals.

That concludes this edition. Past editions can be found on our blog carnival index page. Be sure to join us for our next edition, where the topic will be cemetery preservation.

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