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Rabbit Roundup

Rabbit Roundup for February 10 – February 29

"How & Why the Dead are Buried in "Cities"
13th Meet A Rabbit Column Posted!
14th Meet A Rabbit Column Posted!
15th Meet A Rabbit Column Posted!
500th Blog Post
A Surreal Visit to Sunnyslope Cemetery
Award of Mine
Back online...
Badjeros Cemetery (2) - Stewart
Boal Chapel Memorial Gardens in North Vancouver, B... (also our most recent Meet a Rabbit)
California Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery ...
Can You Identify This Alphabet?
Capt Elias Williams and wife Thankful Stanton
Cemetery of the Day - Holt Cemetery, New Orleans
Cemetery of the Day - Mt. Hope in Bangor, Maine
Cemetery Ranches
Changes Coming to The PGYR
Charles Orleans, Monument Designer
Charles Orleans, Monument Designer
Cimetière de la Guillotière
Civil War Soldiers buried at La Vista Cemetery in ...
Collecting Cemeteries
Creative Cremains - Now You Can Go Out In Style
Crime Never Goes Unpunished
Deplorable Calamity!
Diane Allen Irion (1930 - 1999)
Did you know ...?
· Dogs, Blogs and Dust Bunnies
Drowned on the steamship Empire
Even Unto Death - Behind The Freezer (I got goosebumps when I read this)
F. D. Parish, Sandusky Lawyer and Abolitionist
Flowers for you
Forgot the URL
Frank C. Clawson ( - 1996)
Franklin Augustus Denison
Geneva, New York – Glenwood Cemetery and Washingto...
Geneva, New York – Washington Street Cemetery
Granary Burial Ground, Boston
Grave Mappers is Looking For Participants in a Tes... (If you don’t read anything else, read this! It is an opportunity to preserve our cemeteries, and that is what it is all about!!!)
Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay gets an Award
I Interrupt This Program
I Received the Kreativ Blogger Award
iGene Awards
I'm getting ticked now
In Flanders Fields . . .
Is it a tree trunk used as a gravemarker?
James F. French
John E. Cox MD ( 1909 -1999)
Kalel Batiste, Oakwood Cemetery, Falls Church, Vir...
L'angelo della notte
Learning to Drive in Oakwood Cemetery
Leonard Feldheym (1916 - 1997)
Light in Darkness
Linda’s Headstone of the Week; Week #18
Linda’s Headstone of the Week; Week #19
Malta: Controversy over Jewish catacomb
Marion Card (-2002)
Meet The Rabbits - 2
Meet The Rabbits!
Mormon Battalion Memorial at Fort Rosecrans Nation...
Mother and Babe
Mother and Babe
Movie: The Ross Family Plot
Movie: The Ross Family Plot
Mrs. Elizabeth Armstrong
Mrs. Philippine Loeffler
Ms. Pat Dupuy and "Skeletons"
My Exceptional Find
My Tombstone Collection GYR Receives an Award!
On the Road Again to Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Road T...
On the Road Again to Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Road T...
On This Date, February 23rd
On This Date, February 23rd
On This Date, February 28th
On This Date, February 28th
Only in Cowtown
Over 9,700 Photos!
Over 9,700 Photos!
Paul Mertin Best 1890-1939
Planning a Cemetery Trek
Poland: New catalog of Jewish cemeteries
Prospect Hill Cemetery and Their Flags
Rabbit Wright and Her Postcards
Rev. Silas Sears
Rev. Thomas Holland Boston
Santa Ana Cemetery
Savannah & Her Beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery (Roa...
Savannah & Her Beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery (Roa...
Skull and Crossbones
South Coast Literati
Southern Graves Gets the Kreativ Blogger Award
Southern Graves Gets the Kreativ Blogger Award
St. Louis No.2
Steamship Empire of Troy
Stepping into History
technical problems
Thank you Judith and Linda
The Death of James Buchanan, Bachelor President
The Grave Yard Rabbit Association and Find A Grave...
The Graveyard Rabbits Carnival Debut!
The Lost Tombstone
The Monument that isn’t . . .
The Mount Timpanogos GYR Gets an Award!
The New Asians
The Sunday Spook
Thomas Francis Larkins
Tombstone Tuesday
Tombstone Tuesday - Abegg, Fred A (1896 - 1976)
Tombstone Tuesday - Abegg, Marian E Deats (1897 - ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Arizona Headstones
Tombstone Tuesday - Barton, Ursilla Osee (1767 - 1...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats Monument
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Charles Taylor (1899 - ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Elisha
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Elmira Stevenson (1831 ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Elsie May (1895 - 1902)...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Elsie Walker Drayton (1...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Emley O (1842 - 1866)
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, George Taylor (1927 - 1...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Helen Claire Monahan
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Hiram (1810 - 1887)
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Hiram Edumnd (1870 - 19...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Jonathan H (1840 - 1850...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Lemuel Madison (1845 - ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Levi Housel, Mary E. Ca...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Prexeda Piskorski
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Rebecca Higgins (1820 -...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Theodore L & Helen Clai...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Theodore Levi
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, William H and Anna Capn...
Tombstone Tuesday - Jamieson, Emily Margaret
Tombstone Tuesday - Little, Julia Maud (1887 - 19...
Tombstone Tuesday - Little, Julia May (1882 - 1884...
Tombstone Tuesday - Little, Porter Christy (1846 ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Little, Rebecca Julia Deats (1...
Tombstone Tuesday - Little, Sarah Ellen Hoff (1849...
Tombstone Tuesday - Norman Koepernik
Tombstone Tuesday - Sieminski, Beulah Sterling
Tombstone Tuesday - Symons, Kate A Deats
Tombstone Tuesday - Taylor, Eva Augusta (1870 - 19...
Tombstone Tuesday - The Reformed Church of Three B...
Tombstone Tuesday - Wilson, Ray C (1885 - 1844)
Tombstone Tuesday: Lonely Cross
Tombstone Tuesday: Other Unrelated Oswalt Graves
Tombstone Tuesday: Shelhart Family Graves
Two's Company, Three's a Crowd
UK: Historic Jewish cemetery seeks lottery funding...
Up and Coming
Update On Searching For My Ancestor's Grave
Vandals do $100,000 Worth of Damage to Turin Cemet...
Vandals do $100,000 Worth of Damage to Turin Cemet...
Wabbit Wheelie !
Warmed Up (a book review)
Westminster Cemetery
Where is Sandusky Bay?
William Stanton LADD
Woodlawn Cemetery, NYC
Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday - 02/25/09
Zachary Taylor McAtee 1849-1942
Zurviah LADD

Last Words A Glossary of Cemetery Terms
South Coast Literati
Up and Coming
The New Asians

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meet "The Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia, Canada"


The fifthteenth in a series
featuring a member of
The Graveyard Rabbit Association
presented in order of their membership

When the Association of Graveyard Rabbits began, I hopped at the chance to join this rabbit fluffle [1] and to hostess a British Columbia cemetery blog. Mine is The Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia, Canada:

My paternal grandfather, Joe Rogers, was a contract gardener at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada’s Mountain View Cemetery, so I figure I came by my cemetery interests honestly on that side. My dad worked with his dad when young, and most of our direct family members in British Columbia were buried there, so he used to take me to Mountain View to ‘visit’ and told me some Vancouver cemetery stories. How I wish I had written those all down!

I’ve always lived in or near Vancouver, BC. I went to Simon Fraser University, and later raised a family here. Canadian history, especially women's history, is a lifelong interest inherited from my mother, but she was interested in the rest of the world too, and even in cemeteries elsewhere, as am I. One of our early trips together was to California, and I do have photographs of us at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale. My parents were both Canadian Army veterans. They met and married in the 1940’s while serving in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., so I have an interest in Canada’s World War II history and I’m currently doing research into British Columbia’s many war memorials and cenotaphs.

M. Diane Rogers at Forest Lawn summer 1961

In about 1988, I decided to start researching my own family history in Canada, England, Scotland & Ireland & lately in the United States & in Swedish sources & records. I’ve had an array of "working lives", but now I’m pretty much retired, so I can indulge myself in lots of research time at archives, cemeteries, museums, libraries and on the ‘net. I take a few clients for Canadian research, but mostly I do workshops & talks locally – sometimes about BC cemeteries, but "Researching Female Ancestors" and "Analyzing Photographs" are most popular and usually a lot of fun! Both The Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia, Canada and my more personal blog, CanadaGenealogy, or, "Jane's Your Aunt" reflect these research themes.

I volunteer for the B.C. Genealogical Society –yes, I’m on the BCGS Cemetery Committee – and I edit the society’s journal, The British Columbia Genealogist. BCGS members have been researching BC cemeteries and publishing transcriptions for over 35 years. We now use digital photography and are updating older cemetery projects and assisting others to do this too. I also volunteer for the Women's History Network of British Columbia –WHN/BC. I blog for both groups.
BCGS blog:
WHN/BC blog:

I’m a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Genealogical Speakers Guild, the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors and the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars.

[1] According to Wikipedia, “A group of rabbits or hares is often called a fluffle in parts of Northern Canada”: (Would that make a tote of chocolate rabbits a ‘truffle’? I do digress.) No, there’s no reference given and ‘fluffle’ isn’t in my very big old Oxford or my newer Canadian Oxford Dictionary. It certainly could be a word for a group of rabbits – but it sounds like a Bob & Doug McKenzie Canadianism to me. If anybody knows more, please be in touch!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reminder: Submissions for the Carnival Due Tomorrow

Don't forget, the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival will debut on the anchor blog starting March 1.

The topic for the premier edition of this carnival is "exceptional finds." Share with us those rare and unique cemeteries, gravestones, monuments, memorials, inscriptions, etc. Send one, send two; it's up to you! Submissions are due on February 25. And hey, bring a friend! Let's make this the best carnival debut in history!

To submit an article, use the Blog Carnival submission form or email Julie.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet "The Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi"


The Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi

The fourteenth in a series
featuring a member of The
Graveyard Rabbit Association
presented in order of their membership

Hello all. I am Henk van Kampen, the Dutch graveyard rabbit. During office hours I'm a software engineer, my evenings and weekends I try to divide between my family, genealogy, and enjoying art and literature.

You can find out more about my arts taste and reading habits on my arts and literature blog Masterpieces (though unfortunately I have not updated it for a long time).

I have been interested in genealogy since an early age. Around 2003, I published my family tree online, hoping to connect this way with distant cousins. I did get e-mails from distant cousins, but I got even more requests for help with other people's ancestors, mainly from the U.S.A.

At the time, there were a few websites explaining how to find Dutch ancestors in an archive or family history center, but nothing on how to use the internet to find Dutch ancestors. I wrote a few articles about Dutch genealogy, including one called Trace your Dutch roots online, in a section of my website that I gave the title Trace your Dutch roots. This section quickly became the most popular part of my website! Today, Trace your Dutch roots consists of a large website, a newsletter with hundreds subscribers, and a blog. Writing and researching for Trace your Dutch roots now takes up most of my genealogy time.

There is no information on Dutch graveyards on Trace your Dutch roots, and I rarely used tombstones as a resource for my own genealogy research. When I heard about Terry's plans for the Association of Graveyard Rabbits, I thought that was a good opportunity to do something about both omissions. I was also excited about the idea of many rabbits all blogging about graveyards in their own region. So I accepted Terry's open invitation to join and started blogging about graveyards in Utrecht (the province where I live) and in the neighbouring region Het Gooi (where most of my paternal ancestors lived).

The graveyard rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi
Trace your Dutch roots - the website
Trace your Dutch roots - the blog
Van Kampen genealogy pages - my own family history
Masterpieces - my arts and literature blog
HBvK . com - for everything else

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rabbit Roundup January 23 - February 9, 2009


It is amazing all the different topics. Talk about History at the Graveyard! It is all here. There are 121 posts. Everyone has a story to tell, both above ground and under. If it sounds interesting…. click. If you have some time inside during the snow and rain season, curl up in your chair with your laptop and a cuppa cocoa and enjoy each one.

Note: Russ of My Tombstone Collection wins the award for most posts. The award: many smiles from many rabbits.

"A Most Singular Monument, Such As I Never Saw Bef...
"Only in New Orleans!"
12th Meet A Rabbit Column Posted!
A "New-To-Me" Cemetery Website
A Little of This and A Little of That
A Pile of Stones. . . . and one has got to be Samuel’s!
All Dogs Do Go To Heaven
Alloway Kirk, Scotland - Burns Grave
Aloha from Florida
Amelia A. McNeely 1901-1919
Ancestral Delectables
Angels Among Us
Bill Clinton the Other
Brad Paisley Concert & Linwood Cemetery (Road Trip...
Burnaby South High School World War II Memorial, B...
Castalia Cemetery
Catholic Cemeteries of Sandusky
Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of California
Cemetery Census
Cherryville Baptist Cemetery, Flemington, New Jers...
Confederates at Tolomato
Diane's List of Cemetery Sites to Review
Digging Up Bones
Forest Home Cemetery
George and Marian Parker
George Geder: Genealogy - Remember Your Teachers
Germany: Bonn's Jewish Cemeteries
Get the GYR Word Out (Important info, good advice, let’s try it)
Google Analytics Results For January 2009
Graveyard Stew
Graveyard Boo-Boo’s
Gunn Family Cemetery One Year Later: Now Next to a...
Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This?
Haven't We Met Before?
Henry T. Johns (1828-1906) – Civil War Congression...
Hidden Message
History Repeats Itself
Holly Berries
Images from Bomarton Cemetery, Baylor County, Texas
It's Time for a Road Trip, and Tombstones are on t...
Jeremiah C. Sullivan (1830-1890) - Civil War Gener...
Jewish cemeteries: Why do visitors leave stones?
Kenner and Kugler Cemeteries
Linda’s Headstone of the Week; Week #15
Linda’s Headstone of the Week; Week #16
Linda’s Headstone of the Week; Week #17
Lizzie's Dress
Marion Francis "Frank" Dutro 1917 - 1998
Mount Feake Cemetery, Waltham, Massachusetts
Mrs. Lydia Lyon Goodwin
My Book Finds in New York City
Old Clark Stones
Oliver and Mary Thornton - Utah Pioneers
One of My Sparkly Snowflake Sweeties
Paved Paradise
Paved Paradise
Peter Wigginton (1839-1890) - Congressman; Candida...
Politics at Lowell Cemetery
Postcard Collection...Report Number Seven
Remains of Union Soldier Found at Antietam Battlefield
Reverend Jacob S. Moser (1849-1940)
Reverend Jacob S. Moser (1849-1940)
San Pasqual Battle (1846) Memorial at Fort Rosecra...
Slow Posting
South Union Line Cemetery aka Badjeros Union Cemetery
St Barbara catholic cemetery
St Paul's Church, Kersal, Salford
St. Finbar’s Cemetery
stone angel and iron gate--a double blessing day
The Bennington Monument at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
The Negro Undertaker
The New Asians
The Sunday Spook
The Sunday Spook
They all look alike.
Tombstone Tuesday - Allen / Johnston Plot
Tombstone Tuesday - Allen / Johnston Plot
Tombstone Tuesday - Allen, Rachel Carroll (1828 - ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Allen, Rachel Carroll (1828 - ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Cherryville Baptist Cemetery, ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats Monument
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Charles Taylor (1899 - ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Elsie May (1895 - 1902)...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Elsie Walker Drayton (1...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Gilbert Mason (1883 - 1...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Hiram (Jr) (1853 - 1928...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Julia Edna (1885 - 1894...
Tombstone Tuesday - Deats, Mellissa Mason (1859 - ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Johnston, George L. (1854 - 18...
Tombstone Tuesday - Johnston, Herbert Jesse (1857 ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Johnston, Katherine Carroll Al...
Tombstone Tuesday - Mount Feake Cemetery, Waltham,...
Tombstone Tuesday - Tompkins (Jr), Charles I. (190...
Tombstone Tuesday - Tompkins (Jr), Charles I. (190...
Tombstone Tuesday - Tompkins Monument
Tombstone Tuesday - Tompkins, Charles I. (1866 - 1...
Tombstone Tuesday - Tompkins, Christina Elizabeth ...
Tombstone Tuesday - Tompkins, Cora Purdy (1872 - 1...
Tombstone Tuesday - Tompkins, Huldah (1838 - 1874)...
Tombstone Tuesday - Tompkins, John R. (1837 - 1896...
Tombstone Tuesday (NOT)
Tombstone Tuesday: Lucas Thompson, First Son
Tombstone Tuesday: Overview of Oswalt Graves in Ri...
Tombstones - Primary or Secondary Sources
Turkey: Istanbul's Nakkastepe Jewish Cemetery
Venezuela: Jewish Cemeteries of Caracas
Waking the Dead
Warren English (1840-1913) - Congressman; Confeder...
Wilburn Littlejohn 1895-1924
Willie, Mary and Charlie
Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet "The Rural Michigan Cemeteries Graveyard Rabbit"


The Rural Michigan Cemeteries Graveyard Rabbit

The thirteenth in a series

featuring a member of The

Graveyard Rabbit Association

presented in order of their membership

As all you probably know, I am the author of both The Rural Michigan Cemeteries Graveyard Rabbit and Jessica’s Genejournal and a college student. Over five years ago, I became interested enough in researching my family’s history that I took over the research my grandfather had started. My least favorite part of doing research, though, entails paying visits to cemeteries because I find cemeteries creepy. Of course, I still go visit the cemeteries because I might uncover important information.

So, it may strike you as odd that I have blog on Michigan cemeteries when I don’t like spending much time in them. Well, when Terry Thornton asked me to join the Graveyard Rabbits, I agreed despite my feelings towards cemeteries. Instead of focusing on a single county in Michigan, I decided to focus on rural cemeteries in Michigan because the majority of my ancestors were buried in rural cemeteries. Plus, I am at a time in my life where I may be living in different parts of Michigan and I did not want to focus on a certain region so that I could be flexible and post on other cemeteries in Michigan wherever I might live in the next couple of years.

Of course, I hope to enter graduate school in the fall and at the moment, I am unsure as to where I might be living. Hopefully, I will be able to continue blogging about rural cemeteries in Michigan in the future.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MEET "Granite In My Blood"


The twelfth in a series featuring a members of
The Graveyard Rabbit Association
presented in order of their membership

My name is Midge Frazel and my blog, “Granite in My Blood” is the one connected to the Graveyard Rabbits as it is about the burying grounds, graveyards and cemeteries of my ancestors and their families. Occasionally, I investigate local cemeteries and also the resting places of my husband’s family but most of the time it is about my personal genealogical journey. I am an only child, only grandchild (on my maternal side) and mother of an only child. When I create Digital stories, I call my production company, “An Only Child Production.”

I started blogging as part of my Master’s program in Educational Technology with a blog about my work but at the same time, I was writing an article for a magazine about teaching students to do authentic research and community service using their local cemeteries and creating projects about this using technology. Much to the surprise of my professors, it was well received and published immediately.

My paternal ancestors came from Scotland and were monument makers, paving cutters and devotees of curling and the granite stones used in the sport. My maternal ancestors came mostly from England with a splash of one family of French Huguenots. Some came on the Mayflower but most came over in the 1630s-1790s and settled in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. I started my gravestone blog by photographing a private family cemetery in Groton, Connecticut. I didn’t know it was possible to find this many resting places of my direct line ancestors!

My husband Steve is my “Boneyard Buddy” and is uncomplaining with his help driving to and searching for just the right gravestones. I have learned a lot about gravestone photography from my cousin Fred Burdick who is the town historian in Stonington (Mystic), CT. He has located, dug up, restored and photographed many ancient graveyards there.

I also belong to a very social group on Flickr called Graveyard: The Weekly Theme Group, where we play thematic gravestone games using examples of gravestones from all over the world.