Friday, January 30, 2009

Oops, We Forgot the Vacuum

With the recent Association changes, and after much deliberation, it’s been decided that a quarterly journal may not be the best idea at this point.

Instead, we’re going to take the columns that were slated for the journal and publish them on a members-only blog. It would be similar to what some of the other bloggers do with guest columnists. There will be eight columns that will rotate weekly, beginning on March 5. The new members-only blog is not yet operational, but be on the lookout for an invitation via email in late February. The columns that will be published are listed below (pay careful attention to that last one).

  • The History Hare – A history-related article by footnoteMaven.
  • Tech T.I.P. – Tips for using technology in graveyard research by Denise Olson.
  • Graveyard Guru – An interview of someone tied to graveyards by Stephanie Lincecum.
  • Photo Monument – A photo essay by Julie Tarr.
  • Digging for Answers – Answers to member questions by Randy Seaver.
  • International Rabbits – An article related to cemeteries and such outside the U.S. by various “international” rabbits.
  • The Educated Rabbit – A review of a book or website by Sheri Fenley.
  • A Rabbit’s Tale – An article about anything cemeteries, written by different rabbits each time.*

*Ah, the asterisk. The column A Rabbit’s Tale is an opportunity for any rabbit to author an article. If you are interested, please contact Julie Tarr (genblogjulie -at- with your article idea and to be added to the schedule.

In addition to the new members-only blog, the AGYR will host a monthly carnival. More information on the carnival will be posted on the blog shortly.

We really do hope that these changes make the Association the best it can be.

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footnoteMaven said...


Thank you so much for taking on this responsibility as a benefit for all the members.

We really appreciate your hard work.