Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MEET "The Graveyard Rabbit of Central Ohio"


the Graveyard Rabbit of Central Ohio

The ninth in a series featuring the members of

The Graveyard Rabbit Association

presented in order of their membership.

My name is Amy Johnson Crow, and I am the Graveyard Rabbit of Central Ohio. I've been a genealogist for more years than I care to admit to. When I was little, the mini-series "Roots" was in its height of popularity. I sat down with my Grandma and asked her to tell me the story of the family. I'd love to have more time with her now . . .

I was bitten by the cemetery bug early in life. The picture in the cemetery (below) was taken at Locust Grove Cemetery in Lawrence County, Ohio. Included are my Grandma Johnson (in the blue dress), my Mom (in the white dress), my Grandpa Johnson and me. I was three years old.

Growing up, we took family vacations to northern Michigan and every year, we would stop at the cemetery to visit the graves of some old friends. While there, I would wander around and try to imagine the lives of those whose names were on the tombstones. Cemeteries have never frightened me.

I continue to be fascinated by tombstones and cemeteries. (Obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this!) I am amazed at how tombstones have been used to reflect the life of the deceased. From the artwork to the iconography, from the bare information to the epitaphs, every piece says something.

Although my GYR blog -- -- is devoted to central Ohio, my traipsing through cemeteries goes far and wide, not only across Ohio, but across the country. Some of my findings from outside central Ohio can be found on my general genealogy blog at

I am finishing my degree in history at Ohio State University at Newark and plan to pursue a Masters of Library Science degree. I hope everyone will stop by and visit the Graveyard Rabbit of Central Ohio!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of another person persuing a MLS. It's a great experience and a wonderful subject. I was sad when it was time to graduate and I didn't have to take any more classes. Good luck, Amy!