Saturday, January 17, 2009


by Terry Thornton

A busy busy time for the Graveyard Rabbits as they ready themselves for the formal organization of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits at a meeting in Dallas Texas in April. New members and new blogs are included below as well as a link to the articles posted at all membership sites during this week. Busy rabbits are happy rabbits! Here is a list of the 101 articles posted this week by members of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits.

UPDATE: Apologies to Brenda K. Wolfgram Moore, new GYRabbit member who writes and publishes Grand Traverse & LeeLanau (MI) Graveyard Rabbits for missing her startup this month. Here are the articles Brenda has posted --- and I apologize for not including them in with the links earlier.

NEW MEMBER: Welcome by Brenda Wolfgram Moore writer and publisher of Grand Traverse & LeeLanau (MI) Graveyard Rabbits. Welcome, Brenda, to the Association of Graveyard Rabbits!

New member: "A Most Singular Monument, Such As I Never Saw Before" First post by new member Suzy at Indian Territory Graveyard Rabbit. Welcome, Suzy, to the Association of Graveyard Rabbits! [And this is a most singular monument such as I never saw before. Check it out.]
Anson Weeks (1896-1969): Big Band Leader [Note: Some great music embedded within this article by new GYRabbit Michael Colbruno.]

Ghost in the Graveyard [Does anyone remember the ending of this childhood chant used in a game? Is so, contact Colleen at The R.I.P.pers.]
Goals for the South Denton County Graveyard Rabbits [Some of us needed this inspiration --- thanks!]
NEW MEMBER: Hello Rabbits is first post by new member Dead Man Talking of Blogging a Dead Horse. Welcome, Dead Man Talking, to the Association of Graveyard Rabbits! [Note: All GYRabbits will enjoy reading this post as Dead Man talks about the defining characteristics of a cemeterian. What sort of cemeterian are you?]

I'm baaaaaaaak! Welcome back, GYRabbit of Central Florida!
My First Feature! [GYRabbit Colleen at The R.I.P.pers invites readers to submit short articles to her regular feature, The Sunday Spook.]
New Member's first post: My Hometown. New member 2QTsInHeaven who writes Stone Angels & Iron Gates: Accoutrement in Waiting. Welcome, 2QTsInHeaven, to the Association of Graveyard Rabbits.
My, What a Handsome Rabbit! [Just when we all needed a laugh!]

The Case of the Vanishing Cemetery [Note: In my opinion, this should be required reading for all GYRabbits. Our cemetery heritage must be preserved.]
New: Welcome! by Janice Tracy who has started the new blog Graveyard Rabbit of Dancing Rabbit Creek. Welcome Janice in this new endeavor so appropriately named!
What Do You Do When Your Ancestor Wasn't Buried? [Note: I suggest you all read this as your make plans for your own burial. And if you have answers for Elyse, I suggest you leave her a comment.]

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