Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MEET "Granite In My Blood"


The twelfth in a series featuring a members of
The Graveyard Rabbit Association
presented in order of their membership

My name is Midge Frazel and my blog, “Granite in My Blood” is the one connected to the Graveyard Rabbits as it is about the burying grounds, graveyards and cemeteries of my ancestors and their families. Occasionally, I investigate local cemeteries and also the resting places of my husband’s family but most of the time it is about my personal genealogical journey. I am an only child, only grandchild (on my maternal side) and mother of an only child. When I create Digital stories, I call my production company, “An Only Child Production.”

I started blogging as part of my Master’s program in Educational Technology with a blog about my work but at the same time, I was writing an article for a magazine about teaching students to do authentic research and community service using their local cemeteries and creating projects about this using technology. Much to the surprise of my professors, it was well received and published immediately.

My paternal ancestors came from Scotland and were monument makers, paving cutters and devotees of curling and the granite stones used in the sport. My maternal ancestors came mostly from England with a splash of one family of French Huguenots. Some came on the Mayflower but most came over in the 1630s-1790s and settled in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. I started my gravestone blog by photographing a private family cemetery in Groton, Connecticut. I didn’t know it was possible to find this many resting places of my direct line ancestors!

My husband Steve is my “Boneyard Buddy” and is uncomplaining with his help driving to and searching for just the right gravestones. I have learned a lot about gravestone photography from my cousin Fred Burdick who is the town historian in Stonington (Mystic), CT. He has located, dug up, restored and photographed many ancient graveyards there.

I also belong to a very social group on Flickr called Graveyard: The Weekly Theme Group, where we play thematic gravestone games using examples of gravestones from all over the world.

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