Sunday, December 28, 2008


by Terry Thornton

During one of the busiest family and religious holiday weeks of the year, members of the Graveyard Rabbits found time to publish seventy articles this week. Below are links to each of the articles. Click and read --- and remember, GYRabbits enjoy receiving comments!

A brief look at Agua Mansa Cemetery [Another historic cemetery under "lock and key" and open only at certain times.]

NEW MEMBER: Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols [Joe Beine is a new member of the Graveyard Rabbits. WELCOME, Joe, to the Association of Graveyard Rabbits!]

Cemetery Superhero [All communities need such a "superhero!"]
Christmas Comes to Parkway Memorial Gardens [Thanks, Stephanie Lincecum, for these photographs of grave markers with Christmas decorations.]

NEW MEMBER and NEW BLOG: Christmas Day 2008 welcomes readers to Mona Robinson Mills' Graveyard Rabbit of Yoknapatawpha County (Lafayette County, Mississippi). WELCOME, Mona, to the Graveyard Rabbits!

Christmas in the Cemetery I [Thanks, Midge Frazel, for these two special Christmas posts.]
Christmas Rabbit [Thanks, Henk van Kampen, for this very special photograph of a rabbit and Christmas decorations on a grave in the Netherlands.]
Christmas Ramblings [Thanks, Travels Wright, for this thoughtful Christmas post.]

Happy Holidays [Thanks, Julie Tarr, for this delightful holiday greetings. But is that a grave-digger Snowman with his shovel?!!]
Happy Holidays [from Julie Tarr]
Happy Holidays [from George Geder]
Holidays Are A Time To Spend With Family [Greetings form Elyse, the Graveyard Rabbit of Eastern Tennessee]

Merry Christmas! [from the Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County]

New blog: My Hoover Clan [first post at a new blog, The Graveyard Rabbit of the Hoover Clan, by member Cheryle Hoover Davis. WELCOME, Cheryle, and your Hoover clan.]

Mourning Card [FootnoteMaven traces a family and a name from a mourning card and, in doing so, also provides the history of "mourning cards."]

No title but article about students cleaning a cemetery
New blog: Pearce Chapel Church Cemetery, a new blog started by Terry Thornton, this week had the following articles posted to it:
Rest Baby Rest [Randy C. of Graveyard Rabbit of the Old West presents a Christmas post whose title is the epitaph carved on a stone.]

Schade Mylander Mausoleum in December [Dorene presents photographs showing a mausoleum decorated for December and family information.]
Sleep in heavenly peace [Thanks, Janet Iles, for this beautiful Christmas post and photographs of a snow-covered cemetery.]
The West Family at Mount Pleasant Cemetery [Judy Shubert presents an interesting set of photographs and information of a most unique type of grave marker from Texas --- coffin shaped crypts. A research report on this type of grave marker is most needed. Other Graveyard Rabbits are encouraged to report about the use of this marker type in other locations.]
"The Zoo Lady" at Greenwood Memorial Park [Take a look at the grave marker Randy Seaver featured. Unique!]
Wild Turkeys at Beech Springs Cemetery [Stephanie Lincecum found a flock of "critters" in a cemetery and has photographs to prove it!]
Wordless Wednesday: Christmas [Henk van Kampen provides photographs of graves in the Netherlands decorated for the season.]

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