Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Western Washington Graveyard Rabbit By The footnoteMaven


The first in a series featuring the members of The Graveyard Rabbit
Association presented in order of their membership.

When I was a freshman in college my English professor informed my parents that I had an unnatural obsession with death. Upon being told this, I asked my professor, "So, what do you think of Shakespeare?" The subject was closed from that day forward.

Today what I like to call a fascination rather than an obsession has manifest itself in The GraveYard Rabbit Association.

Terry Thornton approached me with the idea of forming an association of those with interests in all things "Cemetery." The name alone holds its own fascination and I love the poem; I was hooked. So, the Western Washington GraveYard Rabbit was born. While Western Washington is where the footnoteMaven resides, my GraveYard Rabbit will be a world traveler.

And speaking of the little rabbit that welcomes readers to my publication and resides on the Association badge, he looks like an Indiana Jones rabbit to me. And isn't that what we are? Family historians and archeologists?

You will notice that I am equally taken with the written word. One of the most interesting expressions of the written word associated with cemeteries is the epitaph or monumental inscription. As I collect epitaphs, I thought I would start a series called "An Epitaph A Day - Keeps Death's Spectre Away." Everyday on the WW-GYRABBIT there will be an epitaph accompanied by an illustration. See today's.

The illustrations come from several sources. I have found a book of architectural drawings of cemetery monuments for stone cutters, a history of the use of crosses, urns, and numerous antique books with funerary illustrations. All will accompany the epitaphs.

Last Word Wednesday will be dedicated to obscure and interesting obituaries found during my graveyard wanderings (Read Today's Last Word). There will also be a column called Dead Man's Corner (miscellaneous dirt) and The GraveYard Shift where you will find the stories in the gloom and gleam. I have more ideas than hours in the day, who knows how this digital publication will evolve. I'm having so much fun!

So join me at the Western Washington GraveYard Rabbit where, as Shakespeare said, "Let's talk of graves and worms and epitaphs."

A very special thank you to Terry Thornton for his brilliant idea and for the hard work that made it a reality. May all your rabbits multiply.



wsmv said...

A brilliant introductory introduction!

Terry Thornton said...


Thanks for being first in this regular Wednesday feature at THE GRAVEYARD RABBIT. Each Wednesday an individual member of the Association will be invited to introduce themselves and their membership blog. Thanks so much for being the first. I look forward to reading all of your regular features at WW GRY!

Thanks also, Maven, for all your help in formulating the plan to launch the Association of Graveyard Rabbits and to be the first one to volunteer to join! Also thanks for your donation of the Association's official badge/logo. It is most appropriate when we are talking "of graves and worms an epitaphs."

Terry Thornton

footnoteMaven said...

Thank you both!

This is turning out to be so much fun.