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This Week With the Graveyard Rabbits: October 25 - October 31: A Summary

by Terry Thornton

Saturday, October 25

01. This Week with The Graveyard Rabbits: 66 Articles --- A Summary The week of October 18 - October 24, 2008 at The Graveyard Rabbit, official blog of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits

02. Barkerville, British Columbia Canada Sue, Graveyard Rabbit of North Snohomish County takes a look at some twenty-five-year-old photographs of a cemetery in Barkerville BC.

03. HELP NEEDED: Grave stone symbolism: Help Needed On This One Terry, Graveyard Rabbit of the Hill Country presents a grave marker fragment and asks for help to determine what one of the major symbolic devices carved upon it is --- Terry thinks he knows what the device "represents" but can't determine what the device "is."

04. Heretics Denise, Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek is an excellent account of the conflict 443 years ago between the Catholic Spanish and the Hueognaut French in and around present-day St. Augustine, Florida. Read the sad tale about how the River Matanzas got its name.

05. An Epitaph A Day Keeps Death's Spectre Away October 25 footnoteMaven, Western Washinton Graveyard Rabbit offers up some advice to viewers of the grave marker of Robert Wiley, late of Delaware.

06. Headstone Inscriptions Janice, Graveyard Rabbit of Attala County announces that each Saturday she will list an inscription or an epitaph from a grave marker. In this article she transcribes one inscription taken from an Attala County marker.

07. The Jewish cemetery of Utrecht Henk, Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi gives a good look with photographs of the exterior of a walled Jewish Cemetery in The Netherlands. He also provides a link to the cemetery which is closed to random visitors.

08. NEW MEMBER: Welcome! PhilliGeni, Philadelphia Graveyard Rabbit explains why a graveyard rabbit.

09. Lost Cemeteries PhilliGeni, Philadelphia Graveyard Rabbit This notice about a lecture on the Lost Cemeteries in Philadelphia includes a good deal of historic information --- lists several of the cemeteries that were "lost" as a result of the city's expansion. Read about how the need for university parking lots caused the destruction of one cemetery and into which river the grave markers were dumped. [See also Philli's article, Six Feet Under, about this lecture.]

10. Honoring Fallen 14 with "Quiet Strength" S. Lincecum, Southern Graves lists six southern men killed in Iraq in August 2008 --- and links to the newspaper account of the Arlington National Cemetery honors for the fourteen fallen servicemen.

11. The Potentially-infamous Jane Green and her mysterious gravestone Orange & Blue, Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit takes a brief look at the potentially infamous and an equally mysterious gravestone to the potentially infamous late Jane Green.

Sunday, October 26

12. A Night For All Souls, Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C., October 2008 Diane, Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia is a beautifully photographed 100+ year-old Vancouver cemetery containing approximately 100,000 burials.

13. Cemetery Preservation in Mississippi Janice, Graveyard Rabbit of Attala County presents the Mississippi House Bill 780, passed in 1971, regarding abandoned cemeteries within the state. Although Janice didn't address this point, I'd like to make it since I'm living in and writing about cemeteries in Mississippi. The key phrase is the one underlined in this direct quote: ". . . the boards of supervisors of the respective counties in this state are hereby authorized and empowered, in their discretion, to repair, rehabilitate, and maintain any such cemetery within the borders of the county over which such board has jurisdiction." In short, the boards of supervisors don't have to do anything --- and unfortunately, in many counties, they don't do much to protect, repair, rehabilitate, and/or maintain historic abandoned cemeteries. In some counties, however, the boards have been active to provide roads and markers to the abandoned cemeteries.

14. NEW MEMBER: Welcome to The Great Black Swamp Graveyard Rabbit! Terry, Great Black Swamp Graveyard Rabbit (yes, there is a "Great Black Swamp" in Ohio --- and Terry Snyder has got it covered!)

15. An Epitaph A Day Keeps Death's Spectre Away October 26 footnoteMaven, Western Washington Graveyard Rabbit is the story of the late Rachel Lazarus.

16. Field Trip Potential PhilliGeni, Philadelphia Graveyard Rabbit about a Museum of Mourning Art in Pennsylvania.

17. HELP NEEDED: Haunted only by mold Orange & Blue, Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit A good question about cleaning markers of mold. Any suggestions anyone?

18. All You Need To Know In One Easy Headstone Sheri, Educated Graveyard Rabbit is a look at an old grave marker and a new memorial marker honoring her 7th great-grandparents, Michael Hoyle and Margaret Dellinger, Gaston County, North Carolina.

19. Schroeder Cemetery in Dundee Julie, Chicagoland Graveyard Rabbit Pioneer cemetery site bought by a developer; read about the options.

20. The Association of Graveyard Rabbits S. Lincecum, Southern Graves is a delightful look at reasons for being a "rabbit" --- Miss Lincecum takes the first four lines of the poem, The Graveyard Rabbit, and explains. A good read!

21. This Rabbit Will Hop Between These Cemeteries And Cities Cheryl, Graveyard Rabbit of South Alameda County lists the twenty-two cemeteries she will be covering in South Alameda County, California.

Monday, October 27

22. NEW MEMBER: The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit, Craig Manson, The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit. Leave it to Craig to send us to the dictionary to figure out what sort of rabbit he is --- and what an apt description! I'm looking forward to strolling about with Craig and learning from him about cemeteries in the United States and elsewhere.

23. Uncle Monroe's Messy Memorial Craig, Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit is a most interesting read about Craig's Uncle Monroe's final resting place.

24. Poland: Jewish cemetery website Schelly, Jewish Graveyard Rabbit offers a marvelous resource --- a link to a place index where one can search for Jewish cemeteries in Poland.

25. Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward, California Cheryl, Graveyard Rabbit of South Alameda County is a report of the 1872 cemetery at Chapel of the Chimes. Cherly recently visited the graves there of her mother and grandmother and others --- her first visit to a cemetery as a Graveyard Rabbit and reports, "This time I was more open to exploring, and not just "visiting" which makes a big difference in how you "see" a cemetery. Yes, I'd agree with Cheryl --- what one "brings" with him/her to a cemetery influences tremendously what one "sees" when he/she actually arrives at that cemetery.

26. A World Series connection Orange & Blue, Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit takes a look at the cemetery and the grave marker of Zack Taylor, late Chicago Cubs catcher (1929). Baseball fans will enjoy this "connection" to the world series.

27. Lockhart Cemetery, Gattman, Mississippi Terry, Graveyard Rabbit of the Hill County is a look at a rural cemetery still maintained the traditional way --- scrapped bare of grass. This photo-essay looks at a peaceful cemetery on a hillside overlooking the Buttahatchie River Bottom in Monroe County.

28. The graveyard of Oud-Zuilen Henk, Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi is a wonderful essay with photographs of one of the oldest out-of-town burial grounds formed in The Netherlands. Here in the United States we term private initiative cemeteries by the phrase "commerical cemeteries" (or at least in the Deep South they are so called). The cemetery Henk visited and photographed was opened in 1782.

29. An Epitaph a Day Keeps Death's Spectre Away October 27, footnoteMaven, Western Washington Graveyard Rabbit tells, in a most unusual fashion, of the sad deaths, by lightning, of three brothers.

Tuesday,October 28

30. The Mizell Family - part 1 of 2 Orange & Blue, Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit presents an interesting look at one grave marker of one of the leading political leaders in Florida during the years of occupation and reconstruction following the Civil War.

31. Tombstone Tuesday - U.S. Colored Troops Denise, Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek is a brief account of the U.S.C.T. (United States Colored Troops), units formed and active in the Civil War and of a list of soldiers from those units buried at Mission of Nombre de Dios, St. Augustine, Florida.

32. An Epitaph a Day Keeps Death's Spectre Away October 28, footnoteMaven, Western Washington Graveyard Rabbit tells of the life and times of Mrs. Jones of Ohio.

33. Ukraine: The Czernowitz Cemetery Daniel, Jewish Graveyard Rabbit offers a comprehensive set of links to research sites and resources available online regarding the Czernowitz Cemetery now of the Ukraine, formerly Poland and originally Austro-Hungary.

34. Belarus: The Dokshitsy Jewish Cemetery Project Schelly, Jewish Graveyard Rabbit tells of the May 2008 renewal of the Jewish Cemetery. In 1942, approximaely 3,000 Jewish residents in the area were massacred in a ravine across the street from the Jewish Cemetery and buried in a mass grave; in 1965, the Jewish cemetery was destroyed and the grave markers buried beneath a street. In 2005, street repairs uncovered 134 of those original grave markers ---- and the cemetery has been rebuilt. Read this sad account of man's inhumanity to man --- and read this lifting report of hope and renewal.

35. Gen Business: Feed problems resolved! Schelly, Jewish Graveyard Rabbit technical problems solved!

36. New York: Jewish cemetery seminar, Nov. 16 Daniel, Jewish Graveyard Rabbit an announcement from the New York Jewish Genealogical Society of a one day seminar, From Here to Eternity: Jewish Cemetery Research, Preservation and Restoration, scheduled for November 16 in New York City. Read for details.

37. Cemetery Traditions Janice, Graveyard Rabbit of Attala County offers a brief look at the tradition of whitewashing graves on All Soul's Day and other customs.

38. NEW MEMBER The Association of Grave Yard Rabbits LAGenBlog, Louisiana Graveyard Rabbit The writer of Louisiana Genealogy Blogs is now the Lousisiana Graveyard Rabbit.

39. The Louisiana Gravestone Photo Project LAGenBlog, Louisiana Graveyard Rabbit introduces the Louisina gravestone photo project and provides links.

40. Tombstone Tuesday ... Jessica, Rural Michigan Cemeteries Graveyard Rabbit takes a look at the grave marker for Adam Oswalt.

41. Field Work Report: Day 1. Pearce Chapel Cemetery Transcription Project Terry, Graveyard Rabbit of the Hill Country explains why he and Sweetie didn't finish the field work at Pearce Chapel as planned on Day 1.

42. Linda’s Headstone of the Week, Week #2 Linda, Lancaster Pennsylvania's Graveyard Rabbit A most unusual way to use native rock to protect a family plot of graves.

43. The Wall at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Linda, Lancaster Pennsylvania's Graveyard Rabbit A must read -- beautiful photographs show a most interesting way to "recycle" old grave markers when it was necessary to relocate a cemetery

44. Tombstone Tuesday - Round Grove Cemetery - Lunow Wendy, Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County takes a look at the grave marker and family history of Minnie Evelyn Smith Lunow 1915-2003. Minnie's parents came to Texas from Alabama.

45. NEW MEMBER Welcome by Brett Payne to The South Derbyshire Graveyard Rabbit. Brett in New Zealand is covering the South Derbyshire area of England. In his first article he lists names of the specific locales he will be researching --- the Repton and Gresley Hundred --- and then lists the 52 parish/village/town names involved.

46. Bedford Cemetery happenings Ruth, Graveyard Rabbit of Cowtown describes one man's memorial stone(s) to the 432 men who fought in the Civil War who lived or owned land or died or are buried in Northeast Tarrant County.

Wednesday, October 29

47. The Mizell Family - part 2 of 2 Orange & Blue, Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit continues the Mizell saga --- but to the beautiful Leu Botanical Gardens in Orlando. The ambush of the sheriff is a story I'd like to hear more about!

48. NEW MEMBER List of Cemeteries in Muskegon County, Michigan - by location Jane, Muskegon County Graveyard Rabbit. WELCOME, Jane! New member Jane Schapka provides a list of the cemeteries in Muskegon County, forty-two, in which she has an interest.

49. One Picture Says It All Janice, Graveyard Rabbit of Attala County Yes, Janice has found a most appropriate photograph for all us Graveyard Rabbits!

50. Wordless (almost) Wednesday Terry, Graveyard Rabbit of the Hill County presents the grave marker of Hattie Masengale and the unique epitaph carved upon it. Do you agree that this epitaph was probably written by the surviving spouse?

51. Family history? Henk, Graveyard Rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi asks an important question if this trend of not placing names of grave markers becomes the norm. Take a look at some grave stones --- no history there!

52. NEW MEMBER Welcome To The Graveyard Rabbit Sheri Bush, The Graveyard Rabbit of Jackson County, Indiana Sheri (of Family Twigs) is a new graveyard rabbit covering Jackson County.

53. A List of Cemeteries I Hope To Talk About Jessica, Rural Michigan Cemeteries Graveyard Rabbit identified some of the cemeteries of interest in Saint Joseph and Livingston Counties.

54. An Epitaph a Day Keeps Death's Spectre Away October 29, footnoteMaven, Western Washington Graveyard Rabbit tells the story of Indian Chief, Oronco, 113 years old, who traded his wigwam.

Thursday, October 30

55. Organize a cemetery tour in your community Schelly, Jewish Graveyard Rabbit Good suggestion; sound advice. Have youall noticed how many cemetery tours are being mentioned?

56. UK: GenPals Cemetery Project GenPals (Gaby and Angela) Jewish Graveyard Rabbit tells of an interesting venture into the Jewish section of Dieweg Cemetery at Brussels (they both became "mud-larks") --- but the primary aim of the article is to describe the GenPals Cemetery Project and what is available online to assist researchers seeking information about Jewish burials in the United Kingdom. After just one year of work, they've amassed more than 5,500 names of Jewish burials in the UK and they have more than 2,000 grave marker photographs of those burials. Several links are provided within the article to assist researchers find what is available through the GenPals Cemetery Project.

57. An Epitaph a Day Keeps Death's Spectre Away October 30, footnoteMaven, Western Washington Graveyard Rabbit presents a heart-breaking story told in an epitaph --- a short-short-short sad story told in a few lines on a grave marker.

58. Find Your Relative's Grave Janice, Graveyard Rabbit of Attala County discusses the important work of Find a Grave and provides a link to information. But the neatest photograph shows a cemetery directory --- don't you love going to a cemetery and finding a public directory to help locate burials? Some of you may wish to consider such a directory project for you favorite local cemetery.

59. NEW MEMBER: Welcome to Graveyard Rabbit of Grey County, Ontario blog Janet Iles' first post as the Graveyard Rabbit of Grey County, Ontario. WELCOME, Janet!

60. Ghosts, Goblins and Cemeteries Cheryl Palmer, Graveyard Rabbit of South Alameda County, presents a season-appropriate look at Lone Tree Cemetery. Cheryl's going to visit that cemetery soon and perhaps will be able to give us a first-person account. An interesting read --- and a good poem to boot!

61. Skipped!

62. Confederate veteran identified Orange & Blue, The Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit spends some time at the oldest continuously used graveyard in central Florida, Beulah Cemetery near Winter Garden. Besides photographs of the cemetery, he examines one grave marker in detail and then makes an interesting discovery about the 1866 burial by doing library research. Too old to serve at age 44 (using dates on grave marker)? Maybe so. In September 1862, the CSA amended its conscription act to raise the age from 35 years to 45, Depending on the age your man had registered at enlistment, he, indeed, may have aged out and they discharged him in December.

63. The National Cemeteries Craig Manson, Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit offers up a concise look at the system of national cemeteries, their history, lots of interesting information --- but more important, Craig provides eight links to sites of major interest. Check out the nationwide grave locator to find the burial place of any veteran you are researching.

64. Six Feet Under PhilliGYR Philidalphia Graveyard Rabbit presents a review of the lecture Philli attended on Lost Cemeteries [See one of Philli's previous articles, Lost Cemeteries, about this special lecture] and a statement of resolve made as a result --- " a catalyst for preservation, both of the graveyards themselves and the cemetery records' --- is a noble and just goal. We should all be so dedicated!

65. The Huguenot Cemetery Denise, Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek, presents a look and a discussion of the historic Huguenot Cemetery at St. Augustine, Florida.

66. Beaverdam Historical Cemetery - Gaston County, North Carolina Sheri, The Educated Graveyard Rabbit, takes the reader on a visit to North Carolina to the burial site of her great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents, John Beam and Mary Hoyle Beam.

67. Bartlett, Tennessee Cemeteries Designated as Landmarks S. Lincecum, Southern Graves, links to an article from Memphis Commerical Appeal about two Bartlett cemeteries.

68. NEW MEMBER: The Home for the Graveyard Rabbit of Kauai Mel, Graveyard Rabbit Kauai, welcomes us to her new blog developed to cemeteries in Kauai, Hawaii. Aloha, Mel!

Friday, October 31

69. Colma, California: Dying to Go There Craig Manson, Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit, takes us on a bird's eye view of a necropolis, Read this most interesting account of the formation of a "city" for the dead.

70. An Epitaph a Day Keeps Death's Spectre Away October 31, footnoteMaven, Western Washington Graveyard Rabbit, gives a perfect Halloween epitaph to read while all about trick or treaters are running to and froe --- [I just may read this to the next little ghoul who rings my doorbell.]. Perfect reading for this night of Halloween. And it opens up the sad history when grave robbers roamed the countryside stealing bodies of the newly buried.

71. FIRST POST Welcome! Elizabeth, Graveyard Rabbit of the Central California Coast presents her first post as a Rabbit. WELCOME! Elizabeth.

72. A bird's eye view for ye rabbits Orange & Blue, The Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit presents a map indicating the location of each of the cemeteries he has discussed. And it is not just any old map, it is a Google Interactive Map. Neat. And most helpful to those seeking directions to the cemeteries under discussion.

73. Tour of Groveport Cemetery Amy, Graveyard Rabbit of Central Ohio provides a link to a current newspaper article of a living history tour of Groveport Cemetery. Follow the link to The Columbus Dispatch story, Some Dead Folks Tell Tales, for a most interesting look at how one cemetery provided both an outing during the Halloween season and presented excellent local family history in the process. If you are interested in planning a cemetery tour, take a look at this one!

74. A Sweet Mystery - John Clair Maloney Sheri Bush, Graveyard Rabbit of Jackson County IN offers a look at an 1894 grave marker, long her mother's favorite marker who remembers walking past it daily to and from school when she a child --- and the marker is a mystery. Take a look; read; and speculate with Sheri.

75. UK: London Cemeteries - Lost for good GenPals Jewish Graveyard Rabbit discusses how cemeteries can get "lost for good" and gives importance and urgency to the task of transcribing, photographing, and otherwise recording cemeteries before they too are lost. A sad look at a sad situation. [On a personal note from the Deep South of the USA: here many small family cemeteries are lost when "plowed under" to make room for more crops or when a callous landowner decides to remove the grave markers and toss them away. So the problem GenPals describe is not isolated to urban areas --- it is a universal problem As Rabbits, lets record those cemeteries that are endangered; lets promote public awareness of the importance of preserving our heritage and that means preserving the cemeteries!

76. This Says Everything Janice, Graveyard Rabbit of Attala County presents a monumental grave marker --- family genealogy complete with thirteen family photographs. Take a look at a most unique contemporary marker from Mississippi.

77. The Photo in the Header of the Blog ... Jessica at Rural Michigan Cemeteries Graveyard Rabbit explains the photograph of her banner and gives Halloween greetings.

78. Some light holiday reading Ruth, Graveyard Rabbit of Cowtown offers a brief notice of the book Brian Righi, a Fort Worth resident, wrote, Ghosts of Fort Worth: Investigating Cowtown's Most Haunted Locations [Schiffer Publishing 2008]. A glowing tombstone! Maybe Ruth can take a look at that one and give a first-person account.

79. What is the Association of Graveyard Rabbits? Mel, Graveyard Rabbit Kauai offers up a definition of both the association of her membership within the group.

80. Ana Jacinta de Melo Pacheco’s Tombstone Mel, Graveyard Rabbit Kauai looks at her great-great-grandmother's grave and grave marker. Her account gives first-hand evidence of why the Association of Graveyard Rabbits should do all it can to index, photograph, transcribe, and help preserve and restore cemeteries.

81. My Observations on Cemeteries in North Carolina Sheri, Educated Graveyard Rabbit, addressed a most important regional difference in cemeteries and attitudes toward cemeteries. [Editor's Note: Her essay, which I was prepared not to like because of my bias against west coasters (ok, there, I've admitted it) gave me the initial impression she thought us southerners "odd." But I think throughout the South and much of the nation that we all hold to the truth that a member of the family is a member of the family --- even if he is buried six feet under, he is still a member of the family. And that attitude is what I think Sheri encountered on her visit into North Carolina. Yes, in the South, the dead are still family and they will always be family --- and I think that why family history and genealogy studies seem more widespread in the southern United States than elsewhere.] Good essay and one I recommend you read.

82. FIRST POST: Graveyard Rabbits Cheryl Rothwell, Graveyards of South Logan County (IL) explains where her work will be centered. Welcome Cheryl!

83. South Logan Cemetery Database Cheryl Rothwell, Graveyards of South Logan County (IL) discusses a major source of cemetery information being prepared for her county.

84. Edminster Cemetery Sue, Graveyard Rabbit of North Snohomish County (WA), introduces Edminster Cemetery, NH.

85. The Posting of Sardis Cemetery has Begun S. Lincecum, Southern Graves, does a partial listing of her transcription of the stones of Sardis Cemetery. Follow her link and take a look at how she presents a cemetery listing online. The link takes you off-blog to her website where she present the bulk of her cemetery work.

86. A Beautiful Epitaph S. Lincecum, Southern Graves, photographs an 1895 grave marker and transcribes the eiptaph, eight lines of poetry, from the marker. [The first four lines have a wonderful ABAB rhyming scheme but the last four lines don't use the same scheme -- the last verse seems to follow CDED --- but in any event, Stephanie has discovered a beautiful epitaph. Eight lines of poetry are rare on Southern markers --- this is an excellent example.]

87. Until death do us part: S.B., wife of Isham Harris and J.T. Hogan Terry, Graveyard Rabbit of the Hill Country presents three markers side-by-side from Lann Cemetery, Splunge, Mississippi. S.B., wife of Isham Harris and J.T. Hogan was, until this post was researched, known only by her initials. Now she known as Sarah B. --- and now it is known that her first husband died while in the service of the CSA and that her second husband was an immigrant from Ireland.

88. Benjamin Franklin Ingalls and Sophronia Thomas Cheryl, Graveyard Rabbit of South Alameda County presents a good look and some brief family history --- but primarily she explains why she used the title she did. Good idea --- and one that often works. Search engines seem to "find" items better when the names are in the titles. Also tags help. And who knows, maybe Cheryl will attact that elusive family researcher she wishes to contact.

89. All Souls Day in St. Augustine Denise, Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek, notes three special events for All Souls Day at historic cemeteries at St. Augustine.

90. NEW MEMBER: Welcome to the Old West Randy C., Graveyward Rabbit of the Old West, presents his first post. WELCOME Randy!

Received too late to make last week's summary of Graveyard Rabbit posts.

From Friday, October 24, 2008

More than just a graveyard Orange & Blue, Central Florida Graveyard Rabbit is a visit to Glen Haven Memorial Park and Mausoleum in Winter Park, Florida. Orange & Blue touches on an important issue --- the use of the term"burying ground" or "graveyard" or "cemetery" or, in this case, "memorial park." Perhaps one of your wordsmiths will trace these terms and tell us when each came into widespread use.

Albany Rural Cemetery Thomas, Graveyard Rabbit of New York Rural Cemeteries is a thorough account of the first rural cemetery in New York State, organized in the 1841, home of the graves of a president, governors, and a host of powerful and influential individuals (listed at numerous "famous" burials). Provided also is a list of the fourteen church cemeteries plus potter's field which were relocated to Albany Rual Cemetery in 1886. Links to the cemetery are provided (including a link to a list of those reinterred in 1886 from various other cemeteries).

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