Wednesday, November 26, 2008


the Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County

The fourth in a series featuring the members of

The Graveyard Rabbit Association

presented in order of their membership.

From the time I was young I learned to feel at ease walking through cemeteries. Each time my parents and I went to a family reunion, we would stop at the local graveyards where grandparents, great-grandparents or other relatives were buried to take pictures of the head stones.

Consequently, my family will tell you that I have a “weird” fascination with cemeteries. I’ve also been known to say, “I know people buried there.” (To which my husband has replied, “And do you speak to them often?”) When I was nominated for the Cemetery Board of my church, my husband told everyone that they picked the right person because I am “all things” cemetery or “dead people”.

When my brother passed away a couple of weeks before 9/11, those of us at the grave after the service took pictures of it with all the flowers on top and several of the group that gathered there. The following year - a couple of years after I became an amateur genealogist - I was in Ohio for our first “Cousins” reunion. We all decided that to start the day off, we would caravan to the cemetery where our grandparents and aunt were buried. There we all told a few stories about our beloved “Nana” and “Granddad” and took many pictures of the stones. Then we went to the Catholic Cemetery in Dayton (Calvary) to visit the graves of my aunt and uncle (mother and father of three of my cousins) and reminisce. More pictures were taken before we left to begin the festivities.

After I began corresponding once again with aunts, cousins and other relatives whom I hadn’t seen since I was a child, they would all send me pictures of other family members’ graves. Then not too long ago I discovered and have come across many other head stone photos to add to my “collection”.

When The Association of Graveyard Rabbits was formed recently and I received an invitation to join, I knew that being a part of it was a perfect fit for me. Not only does this medium allow me to indulge my passion for cemeteries and head stones, but it is an opportunity for me to learn more about the cemeteries in my community and perhaps bring information to people who wouldn’t be able to obtain it any other way.

Not only do I publish on The Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County (Texas), but I write the All My Branches Genealogy blog, my genealogy website – All My Branches and my personal website – Wendy’s Wonders. I’m also webmaster for my church’s website and my high school class website. I’m a “closet” author and have been actively working on genealogy since 1999. Personally, I am the part time administrative assistant for my church, have raised (or currently raising) four adult children and one grandson, enjoy my other two grandsons, and have a Custom Designed Scrapbook company – Nana’s Novelties.

Since joining the genea-blogging world early in the spring of this year, I’ve enjoyed reading other genealogy and history blogs and getting to know other genea-bloggers – two of whom I’ve discovered are my distant cousins (Julie Cahill Tarr and Becky Wiseman). Writing my blogs helps me keep some of my sanity and offers me a place to write about my genealogy passion.

So come visit me at The Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County and All My Branches Genealogy. Stop by, grab a cup of coffee or tea or whatever your preference and leave me a note before you leave. And I hope every once in awhile I write something that touches you in some way or enables you to learn something new! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

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Terry Thornton said...


Glad to read your introduction --- and glad you are a member of the Graveyard Rabbits. Your blog, All My Branches, has long been a favorite and I look forward to reading your articles at GYRabbit of South Denton County.

Family members who are dead are still family members, aren't they! And a visit with them at a cemetery is most appropriate --- I'm so glad that the Association has members who think and write like you. Thank you for letting us in on your journeys and visit to graveyards.

Terry Thornton

Sheri Fenley said...


Great Photo - Ooh La La!

I read both your genealogy and Rabbit blogs regularly and enjoy them immensely.

Sheri Fenley
The Educated Genealogist
The Educated Graveyard Rabbit

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Great to meet you, Wendy! I'm a neighbor of yours, down in Tarrant County. I've really enjoying getting to know you through your blogs and who knows, maybe someday we'll actually meet in person since we aren't that far away from one

Judy Shubert
Graveyard Rabbit of the Covered Bridges
Genealogy Traces

Mopsie Marilisa said...


Great post! I live in Denton County too and, just like you, oddly enjoy all things "cemetery".

I'm interested in two cemeteries in particular here- as my family, who came to Lewisville in a covered wagon from Tenn.- are buried in each: Old Hall Cemetery and Smith Cemetery, both in Lewisville.

As a matter of fact, my great uncle, Urban, owned the downtown pharmacy in Old Town Lewisville from 1911 until 1968. His father, my great grandfather, was also pastor of the 1st Presby. Church for years and years. It's been wonderful getting to "know" them... as much as I can, albeit, post-life.

Look forward to reading more of your posts!